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Posted: Tuesday, April 04, 2000

There used to be a projection of what the permanent fund dividend would be several years down the road. Why aren't we hearing about what the fund will be 10 years from now? It's something to think about.

Why don't we let some people buy out with the Mackie plan and let others stay in - like a limited entry permanent fund.

Welcome to Alaska, the largest state of the union with the smallest population. We have to move to a place and snivel about everything and everybody. Believe it or not, you can move to other parts of Alaska without cars, roads, cats or dogs or even neighbors, Neighbor.

How does a visually impaired or hearing impaired person contact the duty office at the new police station after hours and on weekends? There's only a telephone, no TTY and no Braille.

I certainly enjoyed reading about the white canes in Sunday's Word of Mouth. It just goes to show that people are only able-bodied for a period of time. It makes you think.

I've been driving for almost 30 years without a ticket. If you want me to share my secret, I will. I drive the speed limit and drive courteously. The JPD is not writing near enough tickets, keep going boys.

We need a Sunday ``Robotman'' comic strip. That is the best comic in the entire world and we need it on Sunday as well as during the week.

I keep reading about people wanting a recall on Tom Garrett. We can't recall Garrett. The tourist industry would be defenseless without their man on the assembly.

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