Believing in freedom

Posted: Friday, April 04, 2003

This letter is regarding the letter "Proud of U.S. Military," published in Wednesday's Empire. Every serviceman and servicewoman thanks anyone with a prayer in their heart and a thought in their mind for the safe return of our troops. I have served in the Air Force for two years, graduating high school a year early, and going straight into the Air Force. I graduated from JDHS in 2001. I am a born and raised Alaskan, and nothing but your hometown and mom's cooking can make any soldier, airman, marine or seaman feel at home. That is what we all fight for.

No one wants a war. President George W. Bush wouldn't want a war because it kills our troops. We are fighting long and hard to make sure that places like Alaska can stay beautiful, places like California still have Disneyland, so that little children have something to look forward to, that freedom you feel when you realize "I am so lucky to have this."

I just remember Sept. 11 every time I put this uniform on, and the fact that I was already in the military, and I watched civilians die for some other country's hate, and they hate us because we are free. Just remember that no one really wants war, but I would rather go to war before another country hits us and we are just retaliating.

We serve our country to protect every single one of you, the civilians. We get chills when we hear the national anthem because we know it means we are still free. Just remember that every time you see a Coast Guard member, or an Army National Guard member in Juneau, they put their time in to protect and serve you because they believe in freedom. Once again thank you for the prayers and thoughts, and God Bless America, Alaska above all.

Helen A. Hanlon

Jacksonville, Ark.

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