Murkowski wasting money on ferry run

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, April 04, 2005

The governor claims meeting the needs of Gustavus is a motivating factor in sending a state ferry into Glacier Bay. Oddly, he did not check in with the community itself to see what we wanted. There is already a private fast ferry doing scheduled runs to Bartlett Cove ($99 for a three-hour run). The cheapest air taxi into town is $40 for a 20-minute flight. So why does the governor think that local residents need the option of a sporadic and slow state ferry serving the Bartlett Cove dock? Why is the governor stepping on the toes of private enterprise? Why is the governor contemplating pulling a ferry from an established route to send it where it is not needed? There are no fiscally responsible answers to these questions.

It is no secret that the governor has an ax to grind with the National Park Service. It's too bad when such ax grinding does not meet local needs and wastes state money sending boats where they are not needed.

Hank Lentfer


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