District should encourage free speech
It is clear to me that the Juneau School District is overstepping its bounds in the Bong Hits 4 Jesus case by not allowing Mr. Frederick to exercise his constitutional right: free speech.

The world will slowly change by example
When I read (and keep reading year after year) the same ignorant, homophobic hate letters in the local newspaper, written as they are in the language of religion or politics, I think to myself: "Keep your mouth shut; you used to think just the same."

Keep gold industry's image untarnished
Your March 26 article, "Mine industry prepares for new battles," fails to note that gold mining companies already spend millions of dollars on campaigns to promote gold consumption and jewelry sales.

Spare us the wagging finger of blame
Local architect Sean Boily's March 29 letter spoke of his fears that voters may purposely vote to not approve more "Bond Hits 4 Juneau" in the upcoming June special election.

Let's protect, not harass our wildlife
Once again, special interests in Alaska are trying to decimate the wolf population using cruel and unusual means such as chasing them to exhaustion from airplanes and shooting them point blank.

Protect Southeast Alaska rain forest
I am writing concerning the Forest Service's update of the Tongass forest plan. Please, let's get it right this time around. I do not support the continued clearcutting of the Tongass National Forest.

Keep Tenakee Springs beautiful, untouched
I have lived in Tenakee Springs for eight years. In my opinion, Tenakee Springs is one of the greatest places to grow up. It features wide open spaces, amazing wildlife and a beautiful inlet that's right outside my back door.

Colorado educator named principal of new high school
The Juneau School Board unanimously selected a principal for Thunder Mountain High School on Tuesday, approving a Colorado educator with experience in opening a high school.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers:

Committee OKs bill for sex crime lawsuits
A bill that would create a one-year window for lawsuits against perpetrators of decades-old childhood sex crimes passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, despite concerns voiced by an attorney representing Alaska Jesuits.

Photo: Run in the sun
Katy Petsel runs Monday along North Douglas Highway near the boat launch beneath clear skies.

Voters to weigh in on same-sex benefits today
Voters will head to the polls between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. today to weigh in on whether same-sex partners of state workers should be allowed to receive employee benefits.

Tour operator fined for whale collision
A Juneau whale-watching tour operator agreed to pay $7,000 for an alleged violation of the Endangered Species Act in an incident last summer when a humpback whale collided with a jet boat and injured a tourist.

Oil tax comes up short in first year
North Slope oil companies' first year payment to the state under the new Petroleum Production Tax fell surprisingly short of what was expected.

Photo: Get it while it lasts
Despite a recent glut in the Juneau market, an entrepreneur on North Douglas Highway is exploring a creative way to get rid of the remnants of this winter's record snowfall.

Group seeks to share Tongass wealth
The demand for timber from the Tongass National Forest is no longer as high as it once was, according to new reports calling on the U.S. Forest Service to recognize the increasing value of commercial fishing and nature-based tourism.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reports.

Where to vote in today's election

Juneau snowmobilers intent on gaining access to Eaglecrest area
The Juneau Snowmobile Club is willing to do whatever it takes to get access to the Eaglecrest Ski Area, even if it means building its own parking lot and donating free labor and materials to the public ski grounds.

Photo: Young meets with lawmakers
U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, talks with Gov. Sarah Palin on Tuesday at the Governor's Mansion. Young met with members of the state Legislature during a visit to Juneau.

Around Town

Around Town

Voters say no to benefits
Opponents of providing benefits to same-sex partners of state and local government workers in Alaska appeared to be leading in an advisory election Tuesday, but they may not win the battle.

Dry cat food, pet treats are now being recalled
Juneau-area cats and dogs so far have escaped harm from tainted pet food, local veterinarians say. However, our pets are still at risk. We may have bought contaminated food before the danger was identified, and the list of brands involved continues to grow.

Berms offer blessings
It's been a berm-shoveling winter this year. The kids have enjoyed all the lovely snow and the unexpected joy of snow days. Me, I see fat white flakes falling, and the specter of The Berm fills my mind.

Wright and Nelson to wed
Ruth Nelson and Aaron Wright were married Feb. 16, 2007, at the Juneau Travelodge. A reception immediately followed. Friends and family were present to share the occasion.

Photos: Snow year!
The snow gods smiled down on Juneau this winter, blessing the city with record-setting snowfall. Juneau passed its all-time record for snowfall in the month of March, and in February, Eaglecrest ranked number one in the world for deepest snowpack.

Soldier Stories: Pfc. William Dalton
Soldier Stories is a monthly feature on the Neighbors page and is in collaboration with Staff Sgt. Mac Metcalfe, Public Affairs NCO, 3rd Battalion, Alaska Army National Guard in Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

Elaine Knudson
Juneau resident Elaine Esther Knudson died March 26, 2007. She was 51.

Pam Pittman
A tea in memory of former Juneau resident Pam Pittman, who died Sept. 19, 2006, in Maine, will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. today at Fireweed Place.

My turn: 'Housewives' go wild for speaker of the House
When I was just a young lad, one of the first experiences that totally bewildered me was seeing housewives, about my mother's age, in a fevered pitch throwing their undergarments on the stage during a Tom Jones concert.

Outside editorial: The cloud over Gitmo
"Guantanamo," in popular parlance, refers both to the U.S. military prison on land leased from Cuba and the legal process (such as it is) made available to the 395 suspected terrorists and collaborators imprisoned there.

A few postelection thoughts
As I write this, I've just returned from casting a vote in the advisory election about whether the Legislature ought to pass a resolution putting before the voters the option of amending the Alaska Constitution.

Outside editorial: Will there be escalation or contraction in Iraq by 2008?
Now the lines are clear and the American people have a choice on Iraq policy.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Totem pole combines tradition, new style
A new 15-foot totem pole that marries traditional carving styles with contemporary techniques was erected Monday at The Field Museum, replacing a pole that was returned to an Alaska tribe.

Jury finds Carlin guilty of murder
A New Jersey man was convicted Tuesday of first-degree murder in the death 11 years ago of his roommate and romantic rival.

Alaska Digest
Federal jury indicts man for fish catch, Thousands of ballots marked undeliverable and Preschooler calls 911 to get help for mother

Former Alaska lawmaker Elkins dies
Former House Rep. Jim Elkins, who had been battling liver cancer for a year and a half, died Monday night, his longtime friend and former chief of staff said. Elkins was 69.

House passes ethics bill
In a cheerful show of unanimity, the Alaska House on Monday passed a comprehensive ethics reform measure that covers the actions of executive and legislative branches of government and lobbyists.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation and the world

Alaska Digest
Mendenhall wolf snatches small dog, Studded tires OK in Juneau until May 1, Lights out at bedtime for much of Juneau, $538,786 awarded to trails projects,Clean water actions grants available, Elderly man dies of pneumonia at home, and Anchorage baby sitter charged with molesting small girls.

This Day in History
In Alaska, In the Nation, and In the World

House OKs changes to accommodate 90-day session
The Alaska House on Tuesday unanimously approved making changes in the Legislature's timetable to accommodate a tighter schedule next year.

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