200 registered sex offenders living in Juneau

Posted: Friday, April 04, 2008

Last month Alaska State Troopers registered nine sex offenders living in Juneau and filed charges against one offender for not letting officials know where he actually lived, as the law requires.

Trooper Sgt. Matthew Dobson said Juneau is home to more than 200 sex offenders who are required to provide the state with their home address. Sex offenders register annually or quarterly depending on the severity of their offense, some for 15 years and some for life. Failing to do so can land people back in jail, he said.

Troopers check addresses as part of a year-round effort to track the locations of sex offenders living in town. Complaints and tips lead the troopers into checking up on offenders.

"Deception is a serious offense," Dobson said.

Recently, one offender failed the address compliance check. Troopers did not release the offender's name, saying official charges were pending. Last month a sex offender, caught multiple times violating the "whereabouts rule," was sentenced to a year in jail after authorities found him living at an undisclosed address.

The first time a sex offender fails to register his or her address or lists an incorrect address, he can be charged with a misdemeanor. The second time it can become a class C felony with mandatory jail time. Most offenders have done their time and live in full compliance with registration laws, he said.

Statewide, 207 sex offenders have fallen off the registry and authorities can't say if they've left the state or gone underground.

"There's a handful of pretty bad guys out there, and we don't know where to look for them," Dobson said.

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