Thanks for applauding our son on his fair play at Arctic Winter Games

Posted: Sunday, April 04, 2010

To the "two admirers" who took the time to write a wonderful letter congratulating our son Riley for his accomplishments at the Arctic Winter Games, but more importantly, for congratulating him for his fair play award for correcting judges who mistakenly placed him third in a race instead of his fourth-place finish.

We are proud of what our son did but, it came at no surprise because it was right and expected. You two, however, are my heroes, you did that which was not expected but very much appreciated. You took the time to write a letter anonymously (and included a gift) to show him how highly you thought of him and of his sportsmanship. That letter sits on our son's shelf where he keeps the things he is most proud of. I hope as adults we can all follow your lead and let our youth know when we are proud of them, for being honest, standing up for someone, for being kind. What you gave to our son is a life long lesson confirming that "doing the right thing" is always the right thing to do, even if it's hard.

Patty and Fritz Moser


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