Delivery service brings Juneau restaurants to residents' doors

Posted: Thursday, April 05, 2007

On Tuesday, the first day of business for the new night-time delivery service Juneau To Go, the owners sat by the phone.

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It never rang.

Wednesday, they started advertising and expected business to gain steam.

From 5:30 to 11 p.m. seven days a week, Wade Hoek, Chris Hunt, Kory Hunt and Marnell Steiner will be delivering food to businesses and homes from all Juneau restaurants with a takeout menu.

The service's list of menus is available at most bars, hotel front desks and at Additional menus will be added.

"The restaurants are not affiliated with us," Hoek, 33, said. "If they don't want to participate, that's fine. I'll just remove them. At the same time, I haven't seen anyone concerned about it. It's just food that they wouldn't be selling."

Juneau To Go's opening coincides with this week's opening of Rockfish Roasters, an all-day service based out of the Rendezvous bar that will deliver coffee, hot chocolate and Italian sodas anywhere in the downtown area. Rockfish can be reached at 586-1270.

Juneau To Go charges an $8 delivery fee, plus the cost of the meal, plus tax, for any order of one to four entrees. For each additional entree, there's an extra $2 delivery fee.

Therefore, if you live in the Mendenhall Valley, and you order one entree of $23 lamb shish kebobs from Zephyr, the cost would be a little less than $33.

Special delivery

• What: Juneau To Go, a delivery service for all Juneau restaurants with a takeout menu.

• Hours: 5:30-11 p.m. daily.

• Contact: 321-5205, or visit to see the posted menus.

The service extends to the University of Alaska Southeast in Auke Bay as far as the Bonnie Brae subdivision in North Douglas, and to the deepest reaches of the Mendenhall Valley, Thane and downtown Douglas.

Hoek drives a Toyota Corolla, while Chris Hunt owns a 2006 Dodge. They plan to have a dispatcher man the hotline, 321-5205. All four entrepreneurs have full-time jobs in town.

"The thing about business models, especially in a place like Juneau, is they never go even remotely like you're expecting them to," Hoek said. "If you base it off the 1 percent theory - that 1 percent of the people in Juneau will use it - are you talking about every night or once a year? Mathematically, you can make anything work, but you never know until you dive in."

Chris Hunt, 27, came up with the idea last year while recuperating from a torn tendon in his arm. There's a similar service in his hometown of Bowling Green, Ky.

"For the most part, it just stems from being hungry and wanting something to eat," Hunt said. "That and getting tired of pizza."

"We have no idea what hours are going to be busy," Hoek said. "Sunday night might be just as busy as Friday night.

"The snowy season is over, so it'll be a little easier for us," he said. "If we were doing this six months ago, we would have been decimated by the winter."

In the future, Juneau To Go may expand to selling sodas and frozen foods out of their vehicles.

"It'll add additional hours for us, when it's a little too late for the restaurants," Hoek said.

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