No special election

Posted: Sunday, April 05, 2009

What? Have Gov. Sarah Palin and the Republican party lost their minds, asking Sen. Mark Begich to resign? The Alaskan people already voted, and they voted for Begich. Ted Stevens made his choices when he broke the law, and he made those choices long before the campaign for Alaskan Senator began. And now the taxpayers are supposed to fork over thousands and thousands of dollars for a special election just to make sure the voters made the right choice? Maybe the voters weren't thinking straight? Give me a break! Steven's charges got dismissed because of a technicality, not because he's innocent.

Sarah Palin and the Republican Party are playing politics with our money and our livelihoods. They desperately want Stevens in the Senate to help weaken the near filibuster proof Democrats. They are trying to rewrite history with money that should go towards education, energy and jobs.

Please write, phone and bug your senators and legislators that you don't want the democratic process to be tainted by our governor's and Republican party's power plays. I'm a liberal Democrat, but if I was an ultraconservative Republican I would still be writing this letter. This insane special election idea to rewrite history is a threat to the democratic process, and any threat to the democratic system is a threat to Republicans and Democrats. Are we supposed to hold an expensive special election every time there's a glitch in a candidate's life that might change the voters' choice later, if only the voter could read the future? Let's not start a precedent. Alaskans made their choice, and it was for Begich, not Stevens, and Governor Palin and the Republicans will have to live with it. After all, we're in a deepening recession; possibly a depression. Let's focus our resources on that. Thank you.

Katie Dawson


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