Workshop schedule

Posted: Sunday, April 06, 2003

CH - Centennial Hall

GH - Goldbelt Hotel

NG - National Guard Armory


10 a.m.: Melody Flatpicking, Vic Cano (CH); Acadian Fiddle, Barachois (CH); CD Production, George Bryson (GH); Voice, Rory Schneeburger (CH); Gypsy (Romanian) Dance, Samia Savell (CH); Sound System Intro for Musicians, Dave Manning (NG).

Noon: Acoustic and Slide Guitar, Justin Smith (CH); Old-time Banjo; Warren Argo (CH); Learn to Play Jazz, Ray Tucker (GH); Harmony Singing, John Palmes (CH); Russian Folk Dance, New Archangel Dancers (CH); Family Dance, Lynn Basham (NG).

1:30 p.m.: Slow Jam, Robin Dale Ford (CH); Blues Harp, Gary Gouker (CH); Folk and Jazz Singing, John Hunt (GH); Finger Style Guitar, Ashley Ahrens and Pat Henry (CH); Texas Fiddle Contest, Amanda Kerr (CH); Dance Etiquette, Brian DeMarcus (NG).

3 p.m.: Maritime Piano for Fiddle Music, Barachois (CH); Regional Dance Styles, Brian DeMarcus (NG).

3:30 p.m.: Bluegrass Banjo, Joel Kadarauch and Friends (CH); Mandolin, Andy Ferguson (GH); Dance Calling, Warren Argo (CH).


10 a.m.: Dances of Universal Peace, Nina Massey (CH).

Noon: French Acadian Songs, Barachois (CH); Beginning Fiddle, Susie Hallinan (CH); Auto Harp, Barb Kalen and Anne Fuller (GH); Chanting, Jane Roodenburg (CH); English Country Dance, Odette Foster (CH); New Callers, Brian DeMarcus (NG).

1:30 p.m.: Humorous and Parody Song Swap, Ed Schoenfeld, Robin Hopper, Jeff Brown (CH); Flat Pick Guitar, Will Putman (CH); Drop D Fingerstyle Guitar, Burl Sheldon (GH); Writing Bass Lines, Patrick Murphy (CH); Acadian Dance Step, Barachois (CH); Salsa Dance Lesson, Heather Haugland and Antonio Diaz (NG).

2:30 p.m.: Take Down, Break Down (NG)

3:30 p.m.: Gypsy Guitar, Amanda and Alan Bent (CH); Flamenco Guitar, Wayne Alex (GH); Storytelling, Anne Fuller and accomplices (CH); Last Chance to Dance, Brian DeMarcus (CH).

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