Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, April 06, 2003

Bills introduced last week:

• Lottery: HB 240 would establish a statewide lottery.

• Political signs: HB 230 is an act relating to political signs on private property.

• DNR merge: HB 238 is an act merging the Department of Environmental Conservation into the Department of Natural Resources.

• Patriot Act: HJR 22 concerns the federal Patriot Act.

• Foundation elimination: SB 173 eliminates the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.

Bills voted on last week:

• Teacher housing Loans (Passed in Senate): Senate Bill 25 would allow teachers to borrow money for homes with no down payment.

Vote - Yeas: 16; Nays: 1

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

• Destroy Brady Bill Records (Passed in Senate): Senate Joint Resolution 5 urges the President and Congress not to retain records for lawful purchase of a firearm.

Vote - Yeas: 17; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

• No Child Left Behind (Passed in House): House Joint Resolution 13 urges the U.S. Department of Education to adopt Alaska's recommendations in implementing the No Child Left Behind Act.

Vote - Yeas: 35; Nays: 0

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Yea

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Yea

• Search Warrants (Passed in House: House Bill 113 would allow for the issuance of search warrant based on sworn testimony or an affidavit communicated by telephone, fax machine or other method of communication.

Vote - Yeas: 40; Nays: 0

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Yea

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Yea

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