'We are stardust, we are golden'

Images from another time

Posted: Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Juneau residents, left to right, Tom Melville, Natalee Rothaus and Chip Thoma flash the peace sign as they pose in front of a VW microbus in Juneau on the 20th anniversary of the quintessential music festival of the 1960s, Woodstock. All three attended the event in up-state New York in August of 1969. Melville and his brother, Ken, lived in nearby Owego, N.Y. and used their local knowledge to avoid much of the giant traffic snarl to get to the concert. Rothaus had just graduated from high school in Brooklyn, N.Y., and saw an ad in the New York Times advertising a "Groovy Music Festival Upstate." Thoma was given a job as a security guard and spent the entire concert next to the stage. The lyric cited above the photo is from a Joni Mitchell song commemorating Woodstock.

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