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Posted: Wednesday, April 06, 2005

... to the Juneau Lion's Club Committee

Please allow me to take this time to graciously thank the Juneau Lion's Club Committee for inducting my husband, Ron Eddy, into the Gold Medal Hall of Fame.

Ron Eddy's enthusiasm was contagious; the countless hours and effort he put into his broadcasting reached listeners from all over Alaska, especially those who weren't able to attend in person.

I sometimes think I can't go on without him, but I am soon to recognize the affection that you shared with me in recognition of his life on earth. It will be the base of my strength to carry on and the tenderness of God's love.

Being his basketball widow all those years only prepared me for a day like Saturday that it is the players and all of you that instill in my son's heart and mine that he touched yours. We are a unique kind of family; our love for the Gold Medal enriches our lives with new friendships that last forever and has a trickle-affect to the younger generation to be a part of the Lion's Club Gold Medal Tournament and the distinguished members of the Hall of Fame.

His dream came true. Thank you for letting me accept it on his behalf. As the echo of his final words at the end of the game, "This has been a KINY/KJNO sports presentation. Be sure to support your local athletics. Until next time, this is Ron Eddy signing off."

Barbara "Eddy" Whitcraft


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