Fans from Juneau should be ashamed

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 06, 2007

I was dismayed to learn what happened at the Gold Medal championship game. I know the rules state that after two technicals you're out, but I also had heard that Matt Carle got a technical after a game was over, so technically it would only have been one. I'm so ashamed of the crowd of people who booed Carle whenever he got the basketball. It was rude and unsportsmanship-like to say the least.

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I've always heard how bad the fans in Juneau are toward the Haidas and Tlingits down this way, but I found out firsthand when I was in Juneau for 2A regional basketball with my grandson. I would find it hard to hold my head up if I were a fan from the Juneau area. Shame on you.

Frances C. Natkong


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