Split upper and lower classes between schools

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 06, 2007

I agree with much of the April 1 Empire editorial, which speaks of the great educational opportunity our community has with the coming of the new high school. I strongly disagree, however, with the editorial's recommendation to dump the option that would have freshmen and sophomores attend the downtown school while juniors and seniors attend the valley school.

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In numerous conversations I have had with parents and school-aged youngsters, a great many found this to be the preferable option. One advantage with this option is that students from all over Juneau will be together for their entire time in high school, helping foster community unity while not exacerbating town/valley differences. Another advantage often mentioned is that underclassmen will less likely be intimidated starting high school with similarly aged peers.

I urge the panel charged with bringing recommendations to the Juneau School Board to strongly consider this option.

Tim Spengler


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