Kookesh's good deeds often go unnoticed

Posted: Tuesday, April 06, 2010

In politics, you get defined by what makes the news, not by the work you do. That's why I'm writing this letter. Senator Albert Kookesh has spent his career working for better schools, and so opportunity goes to all, not just those who already have it. He's stood up for the right of Alaskans to maintain their culture, and historical traditions like subsistence, while also working to protect the health and vitality of our fisheries and economy.

At some point most of us will do something out of character, something that we'd do differently the next time. We aspire high, and sometimes stumble. But we should judge each other by the life's work we do, and not by a moment.

Albert Kookesh has done a life of good work, honestly and with dedication. I've seen his day-to-day work. I've seen his integrity. I've seen him work to better our next generation. It's work that doesn't make the newspapers. It's what's earned Albert respect from those of us, both Democrats and Republicans, who work with him in the Legislature.

Rep. Les Gara


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