Seats available for Whitehorse charter flight

Posted: Tuesday, April 06, 2010

JUNEAU - For anyone planning a trip to the Yukon in the near future, the Juneau Soccer Club may have the best deal during the upcoming weekend.

On April 9, Air North airlines has charter seats available to the public for a trip to Whitehorse, Juneau's Canadian sister city.

The Juneau Soccer Club is holding its 16th annual Youth Soccer Tournament exchange with the Yukon Soccer Association, and kids from Juneau fly to Whitehorse, and vice versa, to play in the event.

This year, however, there are fewer players flying to Whitehorse, and consequently there are approximately 40 round-trip seats available for the public to buy. Any extra costs from empty seats will be absorbed by the JSC. The return flight to Juneau is April 11.

The ticket price per person is approximately $250, but it could be less depending on number of seats filled.

A traveler manifest must be provided to customs in advance for charter flights, so seats must be booked by 5 p.m. today.

This weekend, Westmark Whitehorse is also offering a special nightly rate to Juneau travelers.

For more information call JSC Chairman Tom Paul at 463-3214.

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