Wandering the trails of public meetings

Posted: Friday, April 07, 2000

Having attended the meeting at Centennial Hall on March 23 for about an hour, I must say I was disappointed. When a person acts as a facilitator at a meeting they should lay out the parameters of the discussion and keep it within those parameters. I thought we were to talk specifically about trails and the survey that was put out but the talk seemed to wander. I do find this to be a problem at other meetings.

When the spokesperson for Gastineau Guiding pointed out their position, I thought we all knew their position. They continued on about subjects I felt were not germane. I also understand that after I left, some comments were made that were not true.

There was mention of monetary contribution by commercial users. I would like to point out that if all the volunteers who spent time working on the trails, over many years, were paid 25 cents an hour it would far exceed any commercial contribution.

Some of the trails listed for commercial use have poor tread so if they want it for commercial use let them pay for the upgrade. Those trails not up to standard should be removed from commercial use. Most of us realize that the commercializing of trails is here to stay, but let's slow the steamroller and allow a little room for the local hikers.

Also, who is the deep pocket in case of an accident?

The Trails Working Group is loaded with people interested in the commercial aspect of the trails, with a forge-ahead-at-any-cost mentality. Very seldom do I see any of them on a trail, but they determine how the trails should be managed.

Robert L. GarrisonJuneau

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