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Posted: Friday, April 07, 2000

For the people who receive their mail in post office boxes - the downtown public library has census forms.

If you don't have a census form, you can call 1-800-471-9424 and complete the census questionnaire over the phone.

Thanks for removing the cars from the Kmart parking lot. But why stop there? How about the junkyard at the Thunder Mountain Cafe and Juneau's biggest eyesore on Teal Street near the auto body shop?

The junk cars in Kmart were cleaned up so fast because the tourists are coming. See, the city can do something when they put their mind to it - if it is for the tourists.

Now, that the city has cleaned up the mess of junked cars, what are they going to do about the people who disposed of the vehicles?

I'm looking at my new CBJ assessment and wondering how the city assesses the permanent squatters at the beginning of Thane Road. A solution is to move the squatters to a more central location like the newly vacant Kmart parking lot.

I would like to thank Lowell Barrick for his Letter to the Editor yesterday. He has a positive and creative idea for the use of the cruise ship tax that would benefit visitors and locals alike.

As a retail worker, I would appreciate if customers would not put their credit cards or money in their mouth before handing it over. It's a disgusting habit. People should keep their money in their hands.

Both Haines and Skagway are connected to the rest of the world by road. It does not make sense to run a ferry from Juneau to both places. I suggest we close down Skagway's ferry terminal and only go to Haines. Skagway can run a private cruise boat to Haines.

The local university's student newspaper is so poorly edited, my sixth-grader could do a better job. If the misspellings, run-on sentences, faulty punctuation, and random capitalization is any indication of the caliber of education offered - we're in trouble.

If you want to have an evening of laughs, go see the play ``The Cemetery Club'' at the Palace Theatre. It's a real evening of fun.

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