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Posted: Friday, April 07, 2006

I am writing in response to the letter you published from Rico Tempel on March 24. Unfortunately, I was out of town on March 14 when you published a letter from a Mr. Heidersdorf, to which Mr. Tempel was referring.

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Mr. Tempel states that "Mr. Heidersdorf does know a few things about sex after being married for more than 40 years and having a couple of children." But what does Mr. Heidersdorf, or Mr. Tempel, know about adoption? Have they adopted?

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization, so I don't understand why Mr. Tempel claims that "their biggest money maker is murdering babies"? Planned Parenthood is about family planning and women's health care. Many of the "half a dozen or more care- and sex-education providers in Juneau" are faith-based. Most teenagers do not like to be preached to or coerced, and young women are especially vulnerable. Not everyone is a Christian. I am religiously tolerant but resent being told what to do in my personal life by people of other religions, as I don't presume to do so to them.

I support the presence of Planned Parenthood in Juneau. I believe that prevention is so much more important than heartache. If you are concerned about young people having sex, turn on your TV at any hour, go to PG movies or look at your child's computer and computer games and educate yourself about sex and violence. It takes two to tango, and our young women should not bear the brunt of all this.

Lauren M. Swift


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