Consider crosswalk law for pedestrians

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, April 07, 2006

I just recently took a trip to Springfield, Ore., and they handle intersections and crosswalks in an exceptional way. First, they changed the colors of signs to florescent yellow. Second, they passed a law, which went into effect last year, that requires drivers to stop at crosswalks and wait for pedestrians to reach the other side completely before the driver can proceed. Drivers who break the law are fined.

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I think a law like that would be very effective in Juneau. If Oregon can do it, so can Juneauites.

I personally know one of the children that was a fatality, and my heart pours out to the mothers and fathers who lost their loved ones. I'd be devastated at the city if my son was killed in a similar accident.

Please consider a law that requires drivers to wait until pedestrians are all the way across before driving off.

Darell Braman


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