Palin confusing her will with democracy

Posted: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gov. Sarah Palin again seems to be confusing her will with that of democracy. While she was running for vice president, she had state Attorney General Talis Colberg inform her staff members that they didn't need to answer subpoenas from the Legislature in regard to an investigation into the firing of the former head of the state troopers. Her staff then failed to honor the subpoenas from our elected representatives.

At the time, I thought "Well, who are these folks in the governor's office working for? Palin or the people of Alaska who pay their wages?" It was, I thought, a stupid question that I would never have imagined asking myself. Of course, the governor's staff works, or are supposed to be working for, the state of Alaska. But, from their actions, it sure appeared that they were ignoring us in favor of the person who decided upon whether or not they could keep their jobs and make their house payments.

This time, Palin is confusing her will and political preferences with Juneau's choice on who shall represent it in the state Senate. The governor, apparently, thinks that someone who represents her views should represent Juneau, rather than someone, such as Rep. Beth Kerttula, who has traditionally represented Juneau's views and has been re-elected many times because of that fact. Of course, Kerttula crossed Palin when she candidly stated she did not think Palin was suited to become vice president and thereby possibly president of the United States. That put Kerttula in the governor's cross-hairs.

However, above this personal grudge the governor has with Kerttula, the basic premises of representative democracy should be abided by. Juneau, or any other town in Alaska, should have a representative who represents the values and politics of the town, not those of the current governor. Period.

Lisle Hebert


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