6 of 13 moose in state study die

Posted: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ANCHORAGE - The state game department said six moose have died, likely from problems with a drug used to reverse tranquilizers.

The moose were among 13 captured for a moose travel study at two military bases in Anchorage. Game officials on Monday said the other seven moose are fine.

All moose were captured in mid-March and outfitted with radio collars. But within the first six days of capture, officials said six cows had died, and the capture program was halted.

Researchers believe there may have been a problem with several bottles of the drug given to reverse the effects of the tranquilizers. The drug will be tested.

Officials said the anesthesia lasted about 30 minutes for the 13 moose, and all were seen standing and walking after receiving the reversal drug.

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