Waste of public funds

Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Reading Sue Schrader's diatribe over the development of the Juneau golf course is troubling. She is using every tool the law provides to first impede and finally prohibit the development of what could be one of Juneau's finest recreational opportunities.

All of her ilk discovered years ago that the easiest way to stop a project is to burden it with totally unnecessary costs and it will fail of its own financial burden.

Schrader, I believe a retired veterinarian, mentions folks getting drinking water out of the streams in the area. Has she never heard of giardia? My pet was recently treated for it from drinking stream water. Giardia (aka beaver fever) in pets is not nice. In humans, it is a plague.

Schrader's view on how we should conduct ourselves reminds me of the recent suggestion that a local air taxi replace $28,000 airplane engines with $510,000 models to lower the decibels of sound by 10.

Now we are going to spend $10,000 to bring a noise consultant to town. If shown the turbine engines are quieter, the City would offer low-interest loans to the air-taxi operator to retrofit his aircraft. What an obscene waste of public funds.

Do the math, folks. Even if the interest rate were zero, how do you amortize the cost of a totally unnecessary $510,00 upgrade for each of several aircraft over the four-month annual season, especially when you have a sensitive ticket price to the consumer? Would our visitors understand a 2,000 percent increase in the fare?

By population, Juneau is Alaska's second largest city. Many, including me, are attracted by the hustle and bustle of a vibrant business community. If you want quiet, Hobart Bay needs residents, and they do not have a business community either.

Dave Fremming


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