Letter: Hoonah's Gold Medal fans

Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I must compliment Hoonah on its great fans at Gold Medal. It's a real treat to get to play in front of them even when you are on the other team. Numerous, smiling and yelling, they sure make the game fun and exciting. Good job, Hoonah fans. You should go to the Forest Service and cheer for Chicken Creek considering what Sealaska is going to do to it.

On a slightly different note, I see that none of the starting five for Hoonah's C bracket team is listed in the Hoonah part of the phone book. I don't know if they live with their parents, or don't live there or are stars so they must have unlisted numbers or what. And usually, I'm not one to dive into the rules and permits. But maybe it would be fun to have an R bracket; for people who really live in the town or county of the team they play for. Just an exibition R bracket game wouldn't hurt anything and we could see how it goes.

Whatever the case, I'm not complaining. Gold Medal was delightful and I'd like to thank the Juneau Lion's Club and other people who helped for their efforts to produce a good show.

Joe Parnell

Haines (player for Klukwan Chilkats)

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