Tyrants' decisions affect ferry workers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, April 08, 2004

I'm a bid job holder on the M/V Kennicott and recently learned that all bid jobs will become Juneau-originating. This means that roughly half the crew who now originate in Ketchikan (and most are long-time residents) will have to get to Juneau to work. So far it appears that they will not be compensated for their travel time and will have to pay for their travel if they want to fly. Effectively what this would mean for many if not all of the Ketchikan-originating bid job holders is that they will have to either spend a large amount of their own time and money to hold their jobs, try to get work amongst others already displaced in a dwindling fleet or look for work elsewhere.

My job originates in Juneau, where I have resided for the last nine years. Now I'm wondering what's to keep the tyrants who are making these decisions, with little or no consideration to the human beings they affect, from deciding to move the originating port to somewhere other than Juneau, such as Valdez maybe? Or worse, perhaps they are actually making these decisions to get rid of us in their effort to privatize the system. Personally, I think it's a dark period for the government of this state and that Murkowski and his henchmen are not behaving like humans and they should be tarred, feathered and run out of state.

Rodney Gauthier


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