Only race that counts is human

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, April 08, 2004

Regarding Shaun McMahon's letter to the editor: I myself am part Irish. And being so, I wanted to ask a few questions in regards to your remarks. First of all you stated "I'm Irish, we've only been considered white for the last hundred years or so." I take it that you are saying the Irish were finally accepted in an elite group that is only slated for the white. I ask why you would even want to be affiliated with a group who looks down on others because they feel you do not meet the standards.

I couldn't care less if the elite group would accept me. The only group I want to be a part of is the human race. I want a human race that accepts people as individuals, individuals who think on their own and are not "led around" in order to be accepted. Reading back in history, other races were treated a whole lot worse. For instance, the Chinese were treated as "subhumans." Let alone being accepted as "white," the Japanese and Germans as well as the Italians were put in concentration camps in the U.S.A. during World War II. Why? Because they didn't fit in the "white of things?" What about the African Americans who were slaves? Didn't they have it worse? Natives were stripped of their possessions and almost wiped out because they didn't fit in the "white of things."

In another remark you made you stated, "I doubt the Empire will be balanced enough to print this, but one can always hope." I think the Empire does print both sides. I read negative remarks about the Juneau Empire in the Juneau Empire all the time. Why would they print that if they weren't balanced? I say good job to the Empire editors and their staff.

I am proud of my heritage as well as my lineage, as I think all individuals are if they have not been stepped on, dumped on or abused by the elite group. I have Native American and Irish in my lineage as well as other races I am proud to come from. But I am not Irish. I am not Native. I am not the other races. I belong to the human race, as you do and all others do as well. One day when all the bigots and racists die off, people will treat people of different color, race and religion as humans.

I myself wish all were color-blind. I feel racism Is taught at home and by ignorant people (some of my ancestors fit in the ignorant category). We as individuals need to wise up and learn the truth for ourselves. I propose that the only group who should not be invited in the elite group of humans is the racist. I could care less what color or beliefs one has as long as it hurts no one and each person is honest with the next.

Phillip Hotchkiss


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