Don't give oil away

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 08, 2005

In response to March 27 Empire editorial titled "Governor's tax bill reflects GOP values," it is my opinion that there are some in the Legislature who do not understand that our Constitution demands that we get maximum benefits from the development of our natural resources, as found in Article VIII, Section 2.

Being too friendly to the oil industry makes us saps. I believe that the governor is doing his duty in making sure that Alaska is not giving tax breaks that are indefensible. Giving tax breaks to an industry that is making billions of dollars in profits from Alaska's oil will never turn their backs on Alaska.

In addition, I want to point out that Gov. Frank Murkowski is correct in his insistence that the economic limit factor adjustments he announced in his State of the State address were based on sound business principles. The governor is doing his job and so should the Legislature in making sure that Alaska gets what is rightly ours.

Too often in the past, the former administration and Legislature seemed to be too friendly to big oil. I favor a congenial working relationship so that all sides win. We cannot afford to give our oil and gas away just to make the oil and gas industry sing all the way to the bank with our money.

Nels Anderson Jr.


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