Opposes pesticides on Long Island

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 08, 2005

It has taken me some time to write this, but I can't put it off any longer. Shame on Klukwan Inc, and shame on the state of Alaska for the decision to allow aerial spraying of pesticides on Long Island. They dishonor their heritage and their grandchildren by this decision. Rather than being conscientious stewards of this great land and the life that it nourishes, they would choose, rather, to rain poison on it from the sky.

They say there are buffer zones around streams and wetland areas. Tell that to the wind and the forces of nature that run downhill. They say these poisons are safe and won't kill birds or animals; have they been tested on everything that lives? Obviously, they kill some forms of life, or this would not be an issue. Have they been tested on pregnant women or their fetuses? The answer to that is no, and yet they are willing to spray on land that is used as a harvest area for people's food. Do they really know what their effect on aquatic life will be? Are they willing to take this on as an experiment? Only our future is at stake.

What about the consequences of moving toward a forest that lacks diversity? We know from examples and studies around the globe that the strength and health of an ecosystem lies in its diversity. Monocultures are like a person without a strong immune system, subject to devastation by disease and infestation.

And, finally, are they in their arrogance saying to the Creator, "Yes, you placed a pretty nice forest here, but we think we can do better?" All this for the short-term satisfaction of a greed that says we want the "product" to grow a little faster toward harvest. Shame on them!

Judy Macnak


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