Palin doesn't seem to care about Juneau

Posted: Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I am writing this letter in disbelief of the most recent proposal for the Juneau Senate seat.

At this point, it just seems like Gov. Sarah Palin is going to put forward anyone just to make a point that she is in charge. It does not seem to matter to her whether Juneau is represented in any capacity at all.

Now she has made a very savvy choice in Joe Nelson. Who could have any problem with his credentials? He has a bachelor of arts in polyscience, master of arts in American Indian studies and juris doctorate from Loyola - and he is an Alaska Native. I can just hear the hoopla now if anyone were to raise an objection.

I hope that someone does. This seat represents Juneau and Juneau's interests - not Palin's political power struggle. Nothing is known about Nelson. He has had no role in anything in town. His wife is from Fairbanks and he is from Yakutat. Is he really doing this to represent our city? Nelson is probably a great guy but this decision is too important to Juneau's future to waste on someone who is an unknown and has few ties to our community.

Virginia Waterhouse


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