From Cajun to Klezmer

26th Alaska Folk Festival features wide range of music

Posted: Sunday, April 09, 2000

It's that time of year again.

Some people see it as the first sure sign of spring, some rehearse all year for their fifteen minutes in the limelight while others look forward to the infamous jam sessions. Regardless of whether you're an amateur or accomplished musician, volunteer or drop-by listener - everyone seems to groove on the opportunity to mingle with their neighbors and listen to live music.

No matter what you love (or hate) about it, the 26th Alaskan Folk Festival kicks off at 7 p.m., Monday night at Centennial Hall and continues through April 16.

With 155 musical acts, more than 40 workshops, a dozen dances and performances by visiting guest artists; Folk Festival 2000 should lure just about everyone out of their dens to celebrate - what will hopefully prove to be - the advent of spring.

The following schedule should help people chart their course as they navigate through the festival's musical options:

Monday Evening, April 10 * Centennial


 7:00 African Rain * Juneau

(Mary Hymer, TJ. Hovest, Bill Glude, Joyce

Levine, Alexis Burton,

Eric Ocasio, Jeff Watson, Kathy Brown, Lisa

Bogert, Jerry

Rounsley, David Jackson, and a surprise guest

or two)

Drumming for dancing.

7:15 Eric McDowell * Juneau

Folk and fun

7:30 Friday at Foster's * Juneau

(Paul Fuhs, John Bitney & Scott


Political junkies who like to


7:45 Hiram Henry * Juneau

Local boy returns from South Pole and Southern

World Tour to play

you a few inspired tunes.

8:00 J. Althea & the Lifters *


(J. Althea, Jayne Andreen, Georgia Germunsson,

Sally Honse, & Ed


Ragtime & blues piano gospel.

8:15 Riley Woodford * Juneau

My fun original songs about seduction and

foreign policy.

8:30 Panhandle Crab Grass Revival Band *


(Maridon Boario, Sean Tracy, Eric Chadwell,

Johnse Ostman, Ethan

Abbott & C. Scott Fry)

Old time/ Bluegrass.

8:45 The Buckley Women * Juneau

(Linda Buckley, Cadie Buckley, and Jen Coots


Original songs about the sun, the moon, and

all the powder in between.

9:00 Fiesta Gatos * Juneau

(Jason Soza, J.B. Blankenship, and Rik


Yes! Drop the chalupa!

9:15 Odd Waters & Slammin' Salmon * Auke


(Odd Waters and Christa Salmon)

In the space between the rain drops, you'll

find the laughter of

the fish that stitches the water to the


9:30 Patrice Helmar * Juneau

Man, it feels good to be home! Original


9:45 Live Bait * Juneau

(Lindy Dickson, Susan Lewandowski &

friends scrounged up at the

last minute)

Hurdy Gurdy Cowgirls singin' swing tunes in

the blue grass.

10:00 Grateful Celtics * Juneau

(Beth Leibowitz, Chris Pace, and Bill


Old, new and hybrid celtic music.

10:15 Like Sunlight on your Skin *


(Jon Smith, Rick Bellagh, & Genevieve

Casey Smith)

Some nice music for you...

10:30 Tom Begich * Anchorage

Songs from his upcoming 3rd CD "Albuquerque



Emcee: Don Drew

Stage Manager: Laura Lucas


Tuesday Evening,

April 11 * Centennial Hall


7:00 Juneau Pride Chorus * Juneau

(Sara Boesser, Judy Crondahl, Lorie Daniels,

Mary Graham, Marilyn

Irwin, Kim Kiefer, Mo


Pat McLear, Bonnie Palmateer, Heidi Passer,

Gani Et Se, Jill

Sandleben, Jeanette St. George, Bonnie


Linda Valle, Christina Wallace, Susan

Warner, Taffy Wells, Corin

Whittemore, Marcia Buck, Rachel Zahnd;

Beverly Haywood,

Piano, Kelly Henrickson, Percussion, Leslie

Wood, Director)

We are women who join our voices to celebrate

our diversity- a

chorus of mothers, daughters, sisters,

lovers, and

grandmothers. Our common bond is a love of

singing, creating a joy we carry

in our hearts.

7:15 Tlingit Gospel Singers *


Songs of the Presbyterian Navy.

7:30 Katie Henry * South Royalton,


Newly northeastern mom does a happy little

bathroom dance and sings

the potty song

7:45 Joanne Erskine * Juneau

(with Jacque Farnsworth and Mystery


Some new ditties from Juneau.

8:00 Make Mine Decaf * Douglas

(Paula Rohrbacher, Winston Smith, Heidi

Johnson, and Ray Thibodeau)

Not too sweet-no foam, with whipped cream and

sprinkles. Originals

and covers from

Paula and Winston.

8:15 Decaf * Juneau

(Britt Arnesen,Becky Brubaker & Chris


Winners of the 2000 JDHS Talent Show,

performing original music

and, of course, smiling a lot.

8:30 Some Lovely Young Ladies *


(Zoe Friesen, Irene Muller, Anna Percival, and

Nikki McCarthy)

Conrad and Nora's daughters and their


8:45 Scott Miller * Juneau

50 years of accumulated wisdom in 15 minutes

or less.

9:00 Final Form * Juneau

(Frankie Pillifant, Bill Childers, and Odin


This band has been taking shape for


9:15 Sunday Singers * Juneau

(Dave Stancliff and Pat Pourchot)

"A Set of Trains" (Picking for


9:30 Karla Oman * Seattle

A blend of old & new country folk,

inspired by legends like Bonnie

Raitt and Emmylou Harris

9:45 Carpe Diem * Juneau

(Justine Bishop, Cathy Allen, Jacque

Farnsworth, and friends)

An eclectic blend of soulful/upbeat


10:00 Sonny & Stephanie Chandler * Auke


Acoustic guitar Instrumentals, vocals/all


10:15 John Palmes * Juneau

It will happen again.

10:30 Douglas Delivery Company *


(Ron and Manya Pungowiyi-Reed)

Original music & lyrics delivered to you

from the big island.


Emcee: Darius Mannino

Stage Manager: Cheryl Levitt



Wednesday Evening,

April 12 * Centennial Hall


7:00 Forget-Me-Not Fiddlers *


(Anna Branch, Casey Guertin, Drake Skaggs,

Elias Daugherty, Erika

O'Sullivan, Elliott Pillifant,

Isaac Stark, Jason Roman, Jessie Beck, Karen

Hock, Kelsey Skaggs,

Lauren Hopson, Matt Callahan,


Obersinner-Gage, Brittany Page, Nathan Ord,

Sofia Tenney, Tessa

Haralovich, and Weldon Else)

4th - 6th Grade Class violinists from the

Juneau Community Charter

School under the direction of

Xia Guohua

7:15 Tla Kut Naaxsati Yatx'i *


(Children of All Nations) is a SE Native dance

group for children,

ages preschool through high


7:30 Andy Baker * Anchorage

Anchorage-based singer/songwriter

"I am sure I can sculpt her from clay by

memory alone"

7:45 The "We're Still in the 20th Century"

Bluescast * Juneau

(Laury Roberts Scandling, J. Althea, Karl

Ohls, Mo Hicks, Jeff

Brown, and Ron Clarke)

Political satire - we only report what might

have really happened

8:00 Lonny Eaton * Auke Bay


8:15 Donnie & Dianne * Juneau

(Don Drew, Dianne Slater, Frank Grand, Gerry


Traditional Country music vocal solos and


8:30 The Moon Dogs * Juneau

(Jillian Clark, Nik Zymonas, and Albert


Lunar influenced original tunes

8:45 Large Red Kings * Juneau

(John Church, Jim Griswold, Dan Minuskin, John

Palmes, Stuart Ely,

Gordon Sandy)

And the doctor said, "Give 'em jug band


9:00 Bryce Edgmon * Juneau

Finger-style guitar originals with an Alaskan


9:15 Arran Rose * Juneau

(Janey Fadely, Charli Meacham, Cecily Morris,

and Sarah Hopkins)

Celtic Schmeltic

9:30 Dan Saddler * Juneau

Solo strummer/singer's selected

songs-sometimes serious, sometimes silly

9:45 Mitchell Franseth * Santa Fe, New


Love songs and other infirmities

10:00 Steven "Pearly" Hettum * Gold Hill,


Singer/songwriter performing original

folk/country tunes with a new

CD called "Fishermen's Ball"

10:15 Rainee Godwin & the BANDTOGETHERE *


Songs from Appalachia to Alaska

10:30 Ricky David * Port


It's great to be back in Juneau!


Emcee: Jim Grammel

Stage Manager: Ann Gifford


Thursday Evening,

April 13 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Greg Thomas * Ketchikan

Australian/Irish Folk Songs.

7:15 Shamrocks on Ice * Fairbanks

(Julie Baldridge, Erin Tilly, Hannah

Pendergrast, Marty Baldridge)

The um.."interesting" celtic band from


7:30 River of Life Bluegrass Band *


(Eldon Dennis, Jan Dennis, Heidi Johnson,

Keith Goering, George

Trani, Greg Lindsay)

3 or 4 songs of traditional or contemporary

bluegrass and bluegrass


7:45 Will & Trudy * Fairbanks

(Will Putman and Trudy Heffernan)

Original songs (unless we can't find someone

to watch the kids in

which case it's 'Itsy Bitsy Spider',


8:00 Charivari * Louisiana

(Mitchell Reed, J. Randy "Frisson" Vidrine,

and Jonno Frishberg)

The Guest Artists for the 26th Annual Alaska

Folk Festival!

8:45 Banjo Rebop * Haines

(Eric Holle, Patrick Murphy, John Hanson, and

Collette Costa)

A little rebop on the flip flop.

9:00 Mary DeSmet and Greg Burger * Juneau

& Boulder Creek, California

Traditional Music from the American


9:15 Long Gone Sean & Ari Ferrari *


(Sean Tracy and Ari Rome)

2 jobless vagrants play it like it is. Shaves

and haircuts

optional- beers and ears


9:30 Jim Wimmer * Santa Barbara,


Fiddle tunes from the World Traveler's


9:45 Both Wild * Portland, Oregon

(Straford Wild and Andrea Wild)

Brother/sister duo from Liverpool performing

traditional British

folk music.

10:00 The Blue Jays * Juneau

(Hannah Lager, Jim Griswold, Jason Soza,

Jeremiah Blankenship,

Jacob Soboloff,

John Hanson, and John Lager)

Hot Rock tunes from the 50's &


10:15 Buddy Tabor and Friends *


The Singing House Painter. Call for free

estimate: 780-4492.

10:30 Brennan Halterman and other local Satyrs

* Juneau

Fun songs for the humorous spirit


Emcee: Riley Woodford

Stage Manager: Rachel Beck


Friday Evening,

April 14 * Centennial Hall


 7:00 Thrush Hill Music *


(Hans Felkl, Michael Sarkesian, Trevor Fritz,

Sam Melville, Evan

Fritz, Charlotte Lenox, Ted Heidersdorf,

Helena Benedict, Edward Mertz, Sam Bush, Jane

Hartle, Ariel Lyon, Tesia Mead, Erin Mead,

Callie Conerton, Caitlin Chalmers, and

Teslin Benedict)

7:15 Chillberries * Anchorage

(Jim Wolfe, Carol Anne Hogins-Wolfe, Meg

Wolfe, and Nathan Wolfe)

Fine fiddle tunes from Anchorage's musical

Wolfe pack

7:30 Skagway Beach Picnic *


(Barbara Kalen, Ardy Miller, Gene Bartell,

Mary Beattie, Pete

Beattie, Mike Wanner)

Remembering some War Songs and Tom


7:45 Dan Coleron * Anchorage

Born & raised in Boston. Now a traveling

Alaskan musician playing

original music.



8:15 Clifford Hardesty * Ohio

Master Ohio Fiddler/Fiddle Maker. Fine Square

Dance Music.

8:30 Under Taking Daddies * Carcross, Yukon


(Kevin Barr & friends)

8:45 Pat Henry * Juneau

Refried songs from Jeanie's


9:00 Rank Strangers * Anchorage

(Joe Page, Frank Solovan, Greg Booth, Joel

Kadanauch, and Berny



9:15 Rex Blazer & Friends *


Pseudo-traditional fiddle tunes

9:30 Maynard and Sara Johnson (The Kitchen

Musician) * Cincinnati, Ohio

Husband-wife duo playing hammer dulcimer,

cittern and recorder.

Publisher of the Kitchen Musician tune

collections, with an album

"Pass'd Times"

9:45 Lou Nathanson * Eagle River

Lou-2000, the long-promised upgrade. The

features you demanded and

finally, a new CD!

10:00 Cliff Landis & Julia Hersh *

Bolinas, California

Gonna feast here tonight while the southern

moon is shinin' bright

10:15 Olga * Vladivostok, Russia (Juneau

Sister City)

(Olga Sednina, Oleg Naumov, Evgenii


Russian Blues Ensemble

10:30 Michael Truax * Juneau

Objects on the stage are hairier than they


10:45 Paul and Melissa Zahasky *


Guitar, mandolin, violin/fiddle, vocals and

hopefully we'll get a

few friends to join us


Emcee: Collette Costa

Stage Manager: Nora Muller



Afternoon, April 15 * Centennial Hall



12:00 Time Capsule * Juneau

(Ms. Canapary's 2nd & 3rd Grade


Second and Third Graders back together for the

third year! You can

see the fun.

12:15 Emeralds * Anchorage

(Mathew Crimp, Ethan Barske, Martha Leffek,

Matthew Smith, Amanda Kerr)

Irish/Old timey music from 4 young fiddlers

aged 11-14 and a pianist.

The Emeralds have played at the Anchorage Folk

Festival 4 years running.

12:30 Reel Tchunes * Douglas

(Henry Hopkins and friends)

Traditional Irish tunes.

12:45 Dick Person * Teslin, Yukon


Traditional folk

1:00 3D * Sitka

(Kermit Whittemore and Denise


Music from the sea, music from the heart of

Southeast Alaska.

1:15 Polar Drive * Fairbanks

(Nancy Bayer, Charlie Hunt, Betty Connor, Bill

Connor and Lynn Basham)

Music from various styles & countries

carefully selected

and arranged for your listening


1:30 Fireweed * Anchorage

(Sherri Hadley, Linda Zeigler, Patty Hamre,

Bruce Bookman)

Sweet old-time tunes wild and


1:45 Liberty String Band * Ashland,


(Larry Thompson and Roscoe Morris)

Traditional American old-time Folk


2:00 Invisible Circus * Juneau

(Brian Sullivan, Scott Fry, and Ari


One Hand Clapping

2:15 Bear Paw Pickers * Hoonah

(Stephanie Harold, Ben McLuckie, Bob


Back porch tunes for 2000

2:30 Ann McBeth * Fairbanks

(Ann McBeth and Alex Clarke)

Carve off the blue fuzz and it's still

Velveeta inside.

2:45 Robin Dale Ford * Fairbanks

Ain't that skippin' and flyin'?

3:00 Been in the Timber * Juneau

(Sara Boario, Jen La Roe, and Maridon


If we play in the forest and no one is around,

do we sound like

falling timber?

3:15 Diane Hall * Anchorage


singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist (currently

playing just one) - Do come!

3:30 Two Steps Up * Wasilla

(George Paul and Karen Rosene)

Traditional Celtic piano, flute, and


3:45 The Young Fogies * Anchorage

(Michael Young, Doyle Burnett, Roxanne Young,

Danielle Young, Kent

Ireton, and Landon Burgess)

An eclectic mix of music, from spiritual to

ballads to folk.


Emcee: John Lager

Stage Manager: Barbara Pavitt


Saturday Evening,

April 15 * Centennial Hall


7:00 Alaska Youth Choir * Juneau

(Missouri Smyth, Music Director; Lorrie Heagy,


Resident Training & concert Choir (Grades

4-9) Children's Choral


7:15 Rain and Sarah Sea * Juneau

(Sarah C. Hanson and Rain Van Den


Two Alaskan dames share 15 minutes of home

grown songs, signs and

heart rhythms.

7:30 Bearfoot Bluegrass * Cordova

(Angela Oudean, Annalisa Tornfelt, Malani

O'Toole, Mike Mickelson,

Jason Norris, Kate Hamre)

These hot picking teens invite you to check

out what a few years

of summer camps,

private lessons, folk festivals and lots of

practice can do.

7:45 Last Night's Fun * Eagle


(Dan Possumato, John Walsh, Tom Walker, Mark

Ward, and Gerald


Traditional Irish folk music

8:00 Art Johns & friends * Tagish, Yukon


8:15 Pokrov * Vladivostok, Russia (Juneau

Sister City)

(Sergei Makarkin, Anastasiya Ivenchenko, and

Elena Kotova)

Traditional Russian folk music


8:30 Otter Limits * Ketchikan

(Bill Anthes, Terry O'Hara, Tom Le Compte, Don

Pennington, Mary

Larsen, Peggy Pennington, Anunth


Eclectic string band from Ketchikan. Peggy's

mom says, "Y'all are

gittin a lot bettah."

8:45 Clark County, Fairbanks

(Jeremy Kane, Nathan Swartz, George

Gianakopoulos, Carl Hoffman)

Straight ahead Bluegrass

9:00 Robin Hopper * Chugiak

Why is this woman smiling? Her new CD Pass It

On is finally done!

Look for it in the lobby!

9:15 The Improbabillies * Homer

(Grant Dermody, Scott Meyer, and Forrest


Stretching the boundaries between blues and

old-time music

9:30 Northern River * Fairbanks

(Gary Markley, Joe Page, Gary Schultz, and

Carl Hoffman)

Traditional bluegrass- Alaskan


9:45 Pearl Django * Seattle

(Neil Andersson, Shelley Park, and Michael


Gypsy Jazz & new Metropolitan


10:00 Larry Zarella * Talkeetna

Singer/songwriter from Denali Cooks Band.

Performs tunes from his

newest solo album, Stay Alive

10:15 Tetrafiddles * Fairbanks

Fiddle tunes to make the spitit


10:30 Ron Wise * Willow

Finger style solo guitarist

10:45 Rocky Del Arnold * Juneau

Share a few of my diamonds. Original lyrics

& music, acoustic


11:00 Just for Fun * Whitehorse and


(Mike Wanner, Luc Lafferte, and Jerry


International musicians making waltz time



Emcee: Deb Marshall

Stage Manager: Anne Fuller  




Afternoon, April 16 * Centennial Hall


12:00 Just Met Band * Anchorage

(Rick Miller, Bill Allen, Mary Ann Schallert,

John Michaud, Anne

Stewart, Celine Vaillancent)

A reunion set for this popular but recently

defunct Anchorage group

12:15 Amanda Kerr * Anchorage

(Amanda Kerr and Jim Kerr)

Award-winning young fiddler warms up for

national contest

12:30 TwoCan * Juneau

(Corin Whittemore and Gani Et Se)

Harmony is a spice of life; this music is


12:45 Richard Gumm * Ester

Acoustic fingerstyle 6 and 12 string


1:00 Greg Maloney * Juneau

Singer/Songwriter of songs dealing with

meaning of life. Folk,

alternative, covers, originals.

1:15 The rain drops * Juneau

(Hillary Buck and Molly Trostel)

1:30 D'zantik'i Heeni Treble Ensemble *


(Erin Thompson, Sarah Cole, Ashley Stansell,

Shira Trick, Alix

Curtain, Caila Peterson,

Becky Howard, Rachel Wolfe, Heidi Geist, Lexi

Olsen, Hailey

Diamond, Sharon Chilton;

Laurie Clough, piano)

12 middle school girls singing in three


1:45 Alaska City Folk Arts -


(Cooper Galvin, Sean Galvin, Rowan Kurtz, Reio

Kurtz, Matthew

Crimp, Matthew Smith,

Jamie Crimp, Kalia Yeagel, Forrest Allen,

Miles Allen and more...

.Director: Mary Schallert)

Anchorage youth perform their greatest


2:00 Hannah Wolf, 12 years old *


Jazz tune, folk tune. Been in Alaska Youth

Choir for 2 years. I

love to sing.

2:15 Sophie * Juneau

Sophie Marguerite Lager (13 years


Patsy Cline does Woody Guthrie/a cappella

shower songs.

2:30 Afternoon Sax * Juneau

(Doug Bridges and Jenna


Unpredictability is our forté,

saxaphone duo

2:45 Sons of Norway and Juneau International

Folk Dancers * Juneau

(Terry Hoskinson, Chuck Meacham, John Laskey,

David Moe, Russell


Elfrida Nord, Amy Randolph, Judy Regan, Sondra

Stanway, Beth

Leibowitz, Charli Meacham, Chris


A great set of Norwegian dances and robust


3:00 Nik Zymonas * Juneau

Contemporary, improvisational

Lithuanian-American folk raga.

3:15 Gastineau Buddies * Juneau

Traditional Songs performed in Sign


3:30 Patrick Murphy * Douglas

Traditional style Country. Original songs.


3:45 Michael Stackhouse *


Original folk, blues, country and backwoods


(But mostly, it's just stuff)


Emcee: Susan Fitzgerald

Stage Manager: Susan Phillips


Sunday Evening,

April 16 * Centennial Hall


7:00 Simple Messengers * Woodpecker Pt, Yukon


(Pete, Mary and Sue Beattie)

Fortified by moose meat

7:15 Ed Schoenfeld and the Empty Oil Barrel

Band * Douglas

(Ed Schoenfeld, J. Althea, and Corin


Ed and friends take the tricksters to task.

And yeah, there's a

Douglas song too.

7:30 Nelson, Nelson & Nelson *


(Alex Nelson, Haley Nelson, and Steve


Two, four and six-handed piano

7:45 Burl Sheldon and Haines friends *


Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter with acoustic


8:00 Daughters of the New Moon and El Sehr *


(Phoenicia, Xan, Pilar, Aymelek, Jamaica,

Janan, Sahara, Selene,

Katiyga, Cinefra, Lelia Zaher,

Diana, Matt Gamble and friends)

Middle Eastern dance performed to compelling

percussive rhythms

8:15 Pam Bearden and Maya Raschel *


Folkish tunes

8:30 Karen Boylan * Anchorage

Eagle River songwriter with stories about

ordinary people from the

last two centuries

8:45 Joe and Kendall * Whitehorse

(Joe Bishop and Kendall Sullivan)

Original Appalachia harmonies from the hills

of the Yukon

9:00 Charivari * Louisiana

(Mitchell Reed, J. Randy "Frisson" Vidrine,

and Jonno Frishberg)

The Guest Artists for the 26th Annual Alaska

Folk Festival!

10:00 Good Night, Irene


Emcee: Jeff Brown

Stage Manager: Louanne Christian




Schedule: Thursday Evening, April 13 * National Guard



9:00 Andy's Old Time Band * Juneau

(Andy Ferguson, Jack Fontanella and Albert


Caller: Larry Edelman

Plain, simple, southern old time fiddle tunes

on fiddle,

banjo & guitar - Drivin'


10:00 The Jig is Up * Juneau

(Chow Taylor, Jacque Farnsworth, and Lis


Caller: Brian Demarcus

Irish tunes that swing!


11:00 The Ripinski Mountain Boys *


(Len Feldman, Nancy Metashvili, Rob Goldberg

and friends)

Traditional Klezmer dance music of the Jews of

Eastern Europe


Dancemaster: Sally Donaldson




Schedule: Friday Evening, April 14 * National Guard



7:00 The Whatnots * Juneau

(Jamie Hale, Joe Veusy, and Spud


A three piece rock band from



8:00 Peabody's Monster * Juneau

(Doug Fanyak, Josh Lovett, Simon Taylor, Ryan


and Bill Kozlowski)

Alternative Rock - Alaska style


9:00 Swang * Ester

(Alex Clarke and Will Putman, Erin Graves,

John Carnahan,

Pat Fitzgerald, and Robin Dale


Featured Guest: Bob Banghart,


Swang with a Bang


10:00 Denali Cooks * Talkeetna

(Larry Zarella, Jim Sandy, Dave Woody and

Harvey Mills)

Celebrating 10 years together. Legendary

Alaskan Band.

Roots, Rock, Soul, Blues. "It's



11:00 The Bluesband * Gustavus &


(Justin Smith, Steve Nelson, Adrian Minne, and

Vern Fowler)

Funky blues


Dancemaster: Buzz Ritter



Schedule: Saturday, April 15 * National Guard



7:00 Salsa Borealis * Juneau

(Russell Sandstrom, Dale Wygant, Mike Stanley,

Albert McDonnell,

Mike Fieldhouse, Marc Ramonda)

Hot and spicy blend of contemporary and

traditional Afro-Latino music


8:00 Ladies Choice * Juneau

(Odette Foster, Cecily Morris and Charli


Caller: Lynn Basham

Upbeat northern tunes for your dancing



9:00 Fat Weasel * Eagle River

Brian DeMarcus, Jason Bent, Steve Montooth,

Aileen McInnis

and Christy Williams)

Caller: Tom Paul

Driving old-time music to make you get up and



10:00 Feline Groovy * Portland,


(Sue Songer, Lanny Martin and Jim


Caller: Larry Edleman

Contra dance band from Portland


11:00 Syrup Lickers * Fairbanks

(Tonya Goldenberg, Sally Freund, Scotty


Gretchen Kerndt and Brian


Caller: Larry Edleman


12:00 Charivari

Guest Artist Dance




Songwriter's Showcase

Saturday and Sunday

3 - 6 p.m.

The Back Room at the Silverbow


Hosted by Betsy Sims



All-Day Coffee & Jam

McPhetres Hall (4th & Gold Streets) *

Friday, 9 am - 3 pm

Potluck breakfast and lunch provided by Juneau


Enjoy the food, a huge open band,

dancing, sweet reunions, and if weather


fill the streets with music outside the dance


Bring your instrument & dancing


Juneau folks bring a dish to share

with our out-of-town dancers and






(This is not up

to date. Will update ASAP)







10:30 Gospel to

Ragtime...sing along with J. Althea

12:00 Chet Atkins style

guitar...Ron Wise

1:00 Klezmer

Music....Len Feldman

2:30 Beginning Hammered

Dulcimer.....Sara Johnson

3:30 Fingerpick Guitar

(blues).....Pat Henry


Hickel Room

10:30 Cajun

Accordion.....Guest Artists

12:00 Illian

Pipes......Henry Hopkins

1:00 Songwriting...

Mitch Franseth... among others

2:30 Cajun

Fiddle-Double Fiddle....Guest Artists

4:00 Instrument Swap

Meet.....J. Garcia



Egan Room

10:30 Performing

......Larry Zarella

11:30 Autoharp....the

friendly instrument ..... A.Fuller / B.Kalen

12:30 Intermediate

Flatpick Guitar.......Burl

1:30 Involving Youth in

Folk Music......M. Schallert / B.Mickleson

3:00 Hair

Songs....Humorous Song Swap...K.Henry /



Sheffield I

10:30 English Country

Dance...Odette Foster and the Dominos

12:00 Clogging

......Anchor Town Cloggers

1:00 Cajun

Dance.........Sally Freund

3:00 Contra

Dance......Leader?? Shamrocks on Ice.... others







11:30 Beginning

Finger-style Guitar.....Rick Trice

12:30 Gypsy Jazz

....... Pearl Django

2:00 Storytelling

......Anne Fuller / Becky Bear and....

3:30 Fiddle

Styles......Jim Wimmer


Hickel Room

10:30 Gospel Sing Along

.....Barbara Kalen and others

11:30 Harmonica Styles

....Jim Griswold

12:30 Bird Calls

.....Daryl Dzurilla

1:30 Harmony Singing

.....John Palmes

3:00 Russian Folk



Egan Room

11:00 Tinwhistle

Tips....penwhist, flute...K. Rosene / M. Johnson / T.


12:00 Rounds ......

Barb Kalen / Anne Fuller

1:00 Melodeon ......Dan


2:00 Fiddle Tunes from

Ohio.....Clifford Hardesty

3:00 Open 6 &12

string Guitar, Fahey-Kottke slide ..... Richard Gumm


Sheffield I

10:00 Dances of

Universal Peace....Nina Massey

12:00 Clogging

Anchortown Cloggers .....Rhea McDonald

1:00 Couples Dance

......Sheri and Charli

2:30 Last Dance .....To

Be Announced

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