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Posted: Sunday, April 09, 2000

Burgers and lies

The Petersburg Pilot served up a hot and juicy story March 30. According to the front page article, a multi-national fast-food chain was buying out the Homestead Cafe, moments before the local eatery closed for good. The chain, which the story implied was McDonalds, planned to renovate the family restaurant on Main Street and add an indoor play area. Only readers who followed the story to Page 6 and read to the end discovered it was an April Fool's joke. The Homestead Cafe closed, as planned.

A matter of size

The halibut outweighed the 20-pound test line by a factor of eight. And also the woman who caught it, by a factor of almost two. Christina Johnson of Soldotna weighed 87 pounds when she landed the 150- to 160-pound flatfish. Johnson was amazed her first halibut was so big, and so was her husband Patrick, a Kenai Peninsula fishing guide. ``I've been guiding for 20 years,'' he said, ``I've never taken a fish over 50 pounds.''

Time to celebrate

Break out the party favors and funny hats! National Organize Your Files Week is coming up. Of course, some of our desks could us a National Organize Your Piles Week. We think it's April 16-22, but we're not sure. That press release is somewhere around here ...

Legislative training?

We hear Senate President Drue Pearce is headed off to an important forum next month. It's the Air War College's annual National Security Forum. We're told she'll be among those exchanging views on security issues. But we wouldn't be surprised if the Anchorage Republican picks up a few tips on how to handle those pesky Democrats.

What party is that?

U.S. House Candidate Frank Vondersaar doesn't mince his words. In a recent fund-raising mailing, he said, ``My political experience consists of being a quasi-political prisoner of fascist politicians, bureaucrats and flag officers ...'' He also spoke of the ``all-fascist congressional delegation.'' No subtle message here.

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