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Posted: Sunday, April 09, 2000

The racism in this town is really unbelievable and it's on all sides. We really need to clean up our acts - we should all be ashamed.

Thanks to the mayor and the city assembly for shutting down mental health services, I can't get any services for my 10-year-old son. He really needs some counseling services and now they are unavailable. Thanks a lot to the city - you're really harming people in this community.

Many retirees are looking to downsize and are interested in purchasing high quality condos and townhomes. This is a market currently missed by developers and consequently many retirees move south.

It's spring in Juneau when last year's unsold high priced real estate comes on the market again.

I think it's great that the city cleaned up junked cars in the Kmart parking lot, but I don't think we as taxpayers should foot the bill. They should track the cars down to the owners, or the person or persons who dumped them there, and fine them and punish them.

I was a designated driver this weekend for one of my friends. In a way it's not such a great idea because you've got to deal with them like cab drivers do. But I would like to thank the guy who helped me get a ride home and paid for my cab.

RV people prefer to sleep in their own beds instead of paying hotel bills and they usually leave a campground cleaner than when they came, so be kind and let them enjoy our beautiful state. Treat them like you'd like to be treated when you travel.

I'd like to thank Judy Neary and the whole staff of volunteers from the community for the wonderful health fair.

I'd just like to say everyone's been commenting on the cars leaving the Kmart parking lot. David Allison was a big part of that and he didn't get any recognition from anybody. Kmart took a lot of the credit and I'm upset about that.

I was wondering why the results of last week's KTOO Southeast Road Runners race have not been published in the paper. It was a local race.

What's the deal with PTI? They have all these people working for them, yet they can't run a phone line to my home in a timely manner. They say it could take two months to get a phone. I live in the valley. I think they need some competition. I'm calling on a cell phone and I'm expecting a baby and I need a phone.

My name is Steve Richards. I'd like to address to address the Skagway-Juneau connection. I think a train bussing us forward between Skagway and Juneau would be a lot more economical and no one would have to worry about the extra cost for traffic.

I'm calling about Warren Wiley and the ``For What It's Worth'' column. I understand he's a former Juneau resident, but he lives in Montana. For what it's worth, Mr. Wiley, we don't care what you think.

In regard to the cutting of the city Health and Social Services Department, it's too bad City Manager Dave Palmer evidently cares so little for the law and the proper execution of his office. Juneau would be better served by a city manager who knew when to admit he and his cohorts were wrong, and attempted to make amends rather than arrogantly dismiss complaints as trivial.

In the front page story ``Worker sues city over cuts,'' I see the quote from City Manager Dave Palmer: ``Heck, we pass ordinances every two weeks.'' It's so him: sarcastic, brazen and just throwing it out with a he doesn't care what people think attitude. It's unfortunate that has to be the city's speaker in a situation like this.

I just received my assessment. I don't know what the assessor is thinking these days, but my assessment came in at $25,000 more than my brand new constructed house appraised for four months ago. I think they went just a little bit overboard this time.

Nice puke orange color for the City Cafe building.

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