Frivolous lawsuit

Posted: Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Sounding like a young Bill Clinton, Joseph Frederick says he is fighting for free speech, but that his words are meaningless. Is this the "creative intelligence" one writer thought we should admire and reward? Perhaps some kind reader will donate a copy of "Hooked on Phonics" and a Webster's dictionary to young Mr. Frederick so that he might discover the meaning of the words he is fighting so valiantly to defend saying.

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Banner case heading to court

To the incredulous Jennifer Rudinger, who "couldn't believe" that this case had to be taken to court, I ask: What if members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes had held up a banner saying "JDHS Jocks 4 Jesus" and then been suspended? Would the ACLU promote the argument that the sign was "meaningless free speech" and vociferously defend them, pro bono? Or would they favor the suspensions being upheld, because of a "violation of Separation of Church and State?"

Perhaps the movie the Rudinger and company chose to show, "The People V. Larry Flynt," gives us a hint. It glorifies one of the sleaziest porn peddlers in the history of the planet for getting away with smirkingly, hatefully attacking a Christian minister with some of the most offensive, explicit and slanderous language imaginable. Apparently the ACLU thinks free speech is wonderful thing, especially when it's meaningless or offensive.

Congratulations to Gary Bader and the Juneau School Board for doing the right thing and upholding the suspension. Too many schools are so afraid of a lawsuit that they won't discipline students, and the unfortunate result is that "our children isn't learning."

Shame on the ACLU, as usual, for upholding the "rights" of students to disrupt education, thumb their noses at authority, and escape all personal accountability. Your client embarrassed the city of Juneau on a national scale, wiped out any chance of an Olympic Torch Relay in the future, and now you have agreed to help him waste taxpayers dollars in a frivolous lawsuit.

We can only hope the judge throws you out on your ear and gets into your wallet as well.

Guy J. Crockroft


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