Hey, paper patriots - why don't you enlist?

Posted: Wednesday, April 09, 2003

If this is such a popular war, why are there no long lines in front of U.S. military recruiting centers?

America needs you - and it needs you right now! I'm not talking about real Americans - our U.S. military vets - they've done their job! I'm talking about part-time, American "patriots." I see you everyday waving your stars and stripes flags and shouting, "U.S.A., U.S.A." Big deal.

Why don't you try shooting off something other than your mouth? Why don't you enlist, buckle up your G.I. military uniform and strap on a gun? It takes guts to defend freedom. I might be an old man, but I recall four Christmases where I was doing "wartime duty" overseas. Jesus Christ was right next to me, brother.

We allow paper-tiger "patriots" to remain in this country because guys like me paid with sweat, fear and blood. War is messy, except on TV.

Serve your country. Don't offer excuses. Jessica Lynch is an American. She's a hero. She'll have stories for her grandchildren, you bet. And the governor of West Virginia awarded her a full, college scholarship.

If you're too scared to enlist, push your sons and daughters out in front of you. Maybe they can pay your debt to nation. Citizenship? You got a voter's registration card? Get off the sideline. Put down that flag and stand up! Try taking a tough job: "All those who understand your sworn military obligation - and accept this sacred oath - take one step forward."

B. Wright


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