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Posted: Wednesday, April 09, 2003

...for Career Day help

We would like to extend our appreciation to the following for participating in Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School's first Career Day. We had many presenters and exhibitors who volunteered their time to share their careers with our students.

We would like to thank Tom Ainsworth (National Weather Service), Marianne Bethel (Gastineau Human Services), Paul Camolli,Chris Sell, Kevin Fermin (Juneau Police Department), Hans Chester (Tlingit Language), Chuck Craig (UAS Marine Technology Center - Diesel), Nancy Decherney (Chef, Restaurant Business), Antonio Diaz, Heather Haugland (Salsa Dance Instructors), Dave Douglas (USGS-biologist), Gary Eddy (Civil Engineer),Catherine Fritz, Alicja, Gorska, Puanani Maunu, Skye Stekoll (City & Borough - Architects), Peter Froehlich (District Court Judge), Marquam George(UAS-Construction Technology), Jonathan Herrick, Jeff Bryden, Barry Huber, & K9 Flash (USFS Law Enforcement) Kim Hort (Dentist Searhc), Alicia Hughes, Sion Colmus( Hair Sytlists-Kimberly's ), Mary Beth Kepner (FBI), Ralph Kibby, Julia Smith Kibby (Catham Electric), Chava Lee (Humane Society), Tammy Lee (Child Nutrition DOEED), John Leo (Actor/Clown,) Suey Linzmeier, Joy Lyon, Shelia Wray, Sue Zahnd (NAEYC), Tony Martin (UAS-Automotive Technology), Kathy Mathews (Transportation Security Administration), Amalia McCarthy (T&H Central Council), Jennifer Meismer-House (Juneau Job Service), Darius Menino ( Actor), Justin Muench, Steve Reese, Alana Moore, Rod Eriksen, Paula McMeer, Lisa Hollis (Barlett Hospital & Airlift Northwest) Debra Norris, Grace Elliot,(Yoga Instructors) Lance Northcutt (US Airforce) Maria Offer (merchant ship captain), Janine Reep, Jan Rutherdale,(Lawyers - Office of Public Advocacy) , Amber Richard, Carolyn Porter (Big Brothers Big Sisters), Tom Rutecki (Biologist- NOAA) Barbara Sheinberg, Chris Beanis, Monique Walker (Sheinberg & Associates,Community Planners), Tobe Thompson, Rex Thompson (Jewlers - Fire and Ice), Regan Tweedy (Probation Officer - Div. Of Juvenile Justice), Paul Webb (Marine Exchange of Alaska), Bill Wilkerson, (Alaska Mortuary) Michael Bishop (US Navy), David Athearn, Kathy Adair,(Alaska Airlines) Dr. Patricia Conners-Allen (Chiropractic), Michelle Zenger (Greens Creek Mining Company), Tim Ackerman (Port Officer), Klaudio Idelbong (US Coast Guard), Treavor Mahle (Wells-Fargo), Ann-Marie Ramsey (State Of Alaska), Masha Herbst, Christine Schmid, (Reporters -Juneau Empire) Mary Anderson, Gerald Gotschall (MRV Architects), Alana Kibbe (Midwifery -Juneau Birth Center). Thanks to all that attended and helped with this event.

Career Day Committee, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School: Julie Coris, Sally Donaldson, Levi Irish, Julie Leary, Angie Lunda

... to Juneau police

We are writing this letter to say a sincere "thank you" to the officers and dispatchers of the Juneau Police Department. Late in the week of Feb. 27, Sgt. Kevin Siska contacted our executive director at her home about a very frail elder who was at risk. Our care coordination supervisor went to the woman's home with officer Matt Torok and was impressed by his ability to recognize the importance of offering assistance with sensitivity and compassion, while understanding that maintaining her dignity was essential. The woman needed a medical evaluation and did not want to leave her home. We knew we would not be able to get Adult Protective Services and medical attention to assess the situation until early in the week of March 3. Police officers conducted welfare checks on the elder throughout the weekend and the dispatchers that we were in contact with were very kind and helpful.

We feel very fortunate to live in a community that provides this kind of support and protection for the people who live here.

Again, a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your commitment and dedication.

Rosemary Hagevig

Executive Director

Catholic Community Service

Janet Lumiansky

Care Coordination Supervisor

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