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Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

With Murkowski planning to open oil drilling off of our coastlines, I can't help but feel incredibly frustrated with our elected leaders. Time and time again hasn't the public made it clearly known that we want to, as a nation, move away from burning fossil fuels as an energy source? The burning of fossil fuels makes the heat-trapping molecules that is causing global warming. The more fossil fuel we use, the worse things will get. We need to elect leaders who will listen to the voice of the people and not the voice of "big money" coming from special-interest groups. It has also been clearly communicated to our administrations that we the people are deeply concerned about the environment and that we want it protected and preserved, not exploited. Alaska is still suffering from the oil spill which occurred in Prince William Sound.

President Bush walked away from the Kyoto Protocol, a historic agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. It is known that if we do not curtail emissions of these greenhouse gases hundreds of species of land plants and animals around the globe will vanish by the year 2050.

I say out with Murkowski and President Bush. We need new enlightened leaders, who will listen to the voice of the people, and who can take us into the future with new ideas that work with the environment not against it.

Lorraine Murray

Auke Bay

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