Juneau has a right to a safe airport

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

This is in reference to your front page Juneau Color article on the dike trail.

The dike trail "nature's theater," a manmade dike, evidently has turned into a very special sanctuary for a few people. It is a great place to walk and exercise your dog, thanks to human development. And yes, there are opportunities to view many interesting things, including many species of birds. Yet it seems the very thing that brought us this facility is becoming a focus point for activists who are against any future development to help ensure the safety of our airport. Three facts quickly come to mind: one, birds have wings so they can move from place to place; two, six cottonwood trees were cut down there in the past - "Nellie and Juan," a pair of eagles that used those trees, seem to be doing just fine; and three, trees die naturally around Juneau without adverse effect on birds.

I am sure that I could go to any acre of ground around Juneau and revel in the splendor that acre has to offer. I might even be able to be so overtaken in the beauty and sense of personal gratification that I would be encouraged to write a book about it. I might even be able to convince the Juneau Empire to write an article on what I have personally found to be so important. This would especially be true if, God forbid, some human being had plans to modify that acre. I believe there is much more to this story, but I will not speculate on personal agendas. I do not sympathize with Laurie Ferguson Craig on this issue. I do sympathize with the decisionmakers and the citizens of Juneau, who have a right to expect a safe airport.

Larry Knecht


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