Ferry system's move is costly

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

The lost dollars to the Juneau economy will be tremendous. Millions of dollars will be a loss to the Juneau area, the ripple effect of this very stupid idea may not be felt in Juneau for years to come, but believe me, it will be felt.

First it will be felt by all of the people that this move will impact, like: the Alaska Marine Highway System employee who after years of service must decide to move or vacate a position they were trained for; or the impact on the children that are now in school who have to start over in a new school; or the spouses of the AMHS employees with other professions who must relocate as well or leave their jobs, a double blow to the Juneau economy.

Why are we allowing this administration to conduct and make major decisions in secret?

Has anyone asked what the cost will be to train new employees if, for example, 75 percent of the 40 people that are being forced to make life-altering decisions decide to just quit?

The jobs that are being talked about here are higher-level management jobs, with special considerations and abilities, you just don't find those type of trained people anywhere.

The cost to train the new people will be in the millions and this training investment will outweigh any small savings. Has anyone done a (real) study on what it will cost the state to (fix) the proposed building that is intended on being used in Ketchikan? You can bet that Ketchikan Gateway Borough sure didn't put any money into the building before it was vacated in 1997. KGB hasn't put any money in it since it took control of the building, so for at least seven years the building has been neglected.

I am sorry there are way too many unanswered questions here.

My above concerns are very simple questions that have not been addressed.

This decision from a financial standpoint is just plan wrong, not to mention the moral implications.

Even if this turns out to cost millions, (and it will) we the public will never hear about it and how much it really has cost the state (us). The king and now his princess Murkowski rule us.

Come election time, vote "no" on the continuing dynasty.

Stan Jones


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