A flat tax is only fair

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

I totally agree with Gary Miller's letter. From having worked in the seafood processing industry for 15-plus years I have seen he is right. Seasonal workers do save as much as possible and then leave the state for home. They do relax all winter collecting their unemployment wages. Some of these go to Mexico, the Philippines and other spots south. I wish I could afford a vacation to a foreign country each winter, but I must stay and work and pay for our screwed-up government to give themselves raises.

Here's a new idea: Let's start a political noncompliance tax. Every time our politicians lie and fail to uphold and follow through with their promises to us, the folks who elected them, let's charge them a 10 percent tax on their paychecks, a truly just tax in my eyes. Maybe then they would pay attention to the wants and needs of the people. But so much for pipe dreams. The only things that get passed will line the pockets of more politicians. I just wonder how much of the so-called cigarette tax will go to nonsmoking help for citizens. Probably not much; a $1 tax on cigarettes won't stop kids from smoking. Most kids snitch their parents' cigarettes as opposed to buying them.

Let's get real. A flat percentage tax is the only really viable option we have. If we must be taxed tax everybody fairly at the same rate.

Karen A. Martin-Webster

Juneau, Alaska

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