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Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

It looks like the perfect time to start looking at Corporate Auto Fuel Efficacy (CAFE) standards to save money. Having a car that is more fuel-efficient is an easy way to save money every time you go to the pump. One way to help make cars lighter and more fuel-efficient is to save steel using new materials and technologies. With steel prices rising due to higher raw-material costs, companies are passing along surcharges, for instance the cost of hot-rolled coil, a typical steel-mill product used to make auto parts has been rising.

Better CAFE standards protect us from a potential gasoline spike. With Asian buyers outbidding American buyers for light sweet crude, there is new competition and demand.

For those whose knee-jerk reaction is to cite the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, I implore you to stop and reread this letter. Take note of the fact that this is a global issue and what is available in the refuge is not a drop in the barrel as a price-determining global commodity. Murkowski is pushing for drilling three miles offshore of the refuge and connecting it by underwater pipeline. This is an insincere proposal, as already he is struggling to build a pipeline around current infrastructure for natural gas, a much more popular idea. CAFE standards already exist; let's just keep them up to date with today's technology. Which would you prefer? We can have a government expecting companies to provide efficient cost-effective products, which allow us to save for our own futures, or we can have a government suffering in huge deficit while subsidizing corporations to keep up the status quo. Government can either protect the people or feed the idea that subsidizing big business is the only source for jobs. Technology is a source for new jobs and provides for an independent people. Wow, I could get a great product, save money, and help lessen the country's dependency on oil.

Ken Jacobs


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