Investigation rife with error

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

Murder in a town of fewer than 150 people. I would think even a less-than-adequate detective would be able to solve the crime. What resulted in the tragically incompetent investigation of Maggie Wigen's murder is far less than adequate. Col. Julia Grimes' statement that investigators "will never give up" and will spare no expense is in itself a contrast to the investigation in which they pulled troopers from Tenakee, due, at least in part, to expense, despite evidence that she was not a missing hiker.

Which leads to Trooper Capt. Matt Leveque's comment that the time sheets for the investigation calculated 1,940 trooper hours. Is that statement a volunteered defense in what many people realize is gross negligence on the part of the troopers? It is a typical cover-up equipped with the silence on the part of the investigators due to the fact that they missed evidence and family and friends of Maggie Wigen were the most expert investigators there. The 1,940 hours on several time sheets combined does not impress me, it pains my soul. It's been implied, so, please, take the next step to print it: The investigation into Maggie Wigen's murder was rife with error from the beginning. The troopers themselves should be held accountable for their actions.

Robbi Woltring


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