... to the Juneau Police

Thank you letter

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is grateful for our Juneau Police Department creating the Citizen's Academy. Local volunteers met for three hours every Tuesday over an eight week period. During this time we heard from various officers who explained the many jobs they perform. We learned what is required of dispatchers, how an investigation officer works a crash site, why it takes three to four hours to process a drunk driving charge and the required skills to negotiate with a suicide caller. These are only a few of the jobs Juneau's Finest perform. While there was not enough time to delve too deeply, it soon became obvious that an officer's work could be compared to an iceberg. Many times the public sees only 10 percent of what our police are actually doing.

We encourage you to offer a form of appreciation the next time you see an officer.

Cindy Cashen

Executive Director

MADD Juneau Chapter

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