2004 Herb Jaenicke Memorial Badmiton Tournament

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

Results from the 2004 Herb Jaenicke Memorial Badminton Tournament held March 26-28 at the Mendenhall Valley location of JRC/The Alaska Club.

Women's doubles - 1. Bonnie Carroll and Zhen Aversa (Fairbanks); 2. Linda Woods and Mari Meiners (Juneau).

Men's doubles - 1. Paul Canarsky and Bhaskar Neogi (Fairbanks); 2. Charlie Williams Sr. and Charlie Williams Jr. (Juneau).

Mixed doubles A - 1. Mari Meiners (Juneau) and Bhaskar Neogi (Fairbanks); 2. Lynn Oettli and Ken Frankish (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory).

Mixed doubles B - 1. Mary Mathews and Hans Stephenson (Juneau); 2. Briana Lopez and Mike Lopez (Juneau).

Women's singles - 1. Bonnie Carroll (Fairbanks); 2. Lynn Oettli (Whitehorse).

Men's singles - 1. Ken Frankish (Whitehorse); 2. Rob Worden (Juneau).

Herb Jaenicke Sportsmanship Award - Vikram Kotha (Fairbanks).

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