Governor should focus on prevention

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Sunday, April 09, 2006

If Gov. Murkowski wants to take some positive steps in the direction of protecting young people from harmful substances and their effects, perhaps he should consider restoring funding for substance abuse treatment programs within the Department of Corrections. Maybe he should push for criminalization of alcohol, a far more deadly substance considering that the vast majority of inmates in Alaska are in on alcohol-related charges.

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Alcohol is the number one destroyer of homes and lives in Alaska; maybe he should put his energy into addressing that problem.

Is Murkowski going to outlaw gasoline? Gas huffing is epidemic among young people in the villages of western Alaska. How about pull tabs? They destroy families, too.

Real drug addicts don't even waste their time with weed; I should know. I'm fully in support of making it harder for people to manufacture methamphetamines, a substance that destroys a person's mind, body and soul, as does alcohol, by the way. I've lost everything several times over to drugs and alcohol, yet not once was it due to the use of marijuana.

Murkowski needs to focus more on prevention and less on new ways to fill Department of Corrections bed spaces.

Shaun McMahon


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