OUTSIDERS: Eric Mohrmann

Posted: Sunday, April 09, 2006

Age: 53

Favorite outdoor activities: Hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, running, cross-country and downhill skiing, horseback riding and hockey. "Alaska is a tough place to have just one favorite outdoor activity," Mohrmann said. "In a little warmer climate I also enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling."

Work: Capital City Fire and Rescue chief. "For a brief time I was employed by Alaska (Department of) Fish and Game to ride horses and chase bison off the farms at Delta Junction," Mohrmann said. "Sometimes I chased them and other times they chased me!"

Inspiration: Mohrmann said he draws inspiration from a number of people, especially his mother. "My mother always inspired me to work my hardest at whatever I was doing," Mohrmann said. "Her courage, love of life and strong belief in God's love while she was dying of lymphoma are a benchmark of dignity to which I will always aspire."

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Challenges: Mohrmann said he hopes to learn how to catch a barn-door halibut and king-sized king.

Near-death experiences: He has been charged by a sow grizzly with two cubs. "They decided that I didn't look very tasty," he said. Mohrmann has also crashed his plane on a Bush strip, had a canoe tipped over by a sweeper in a fast river, and gone over a waterfall in a pontoon raft, among many risky Alaska adventures. "Through all this the worst I ever got hurt was pulling a hamstring playing softball," Mohrmann said. "So I guess I never had a near-death experience other than nearly missing my oldest son's christening because I was working on a fire."

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