Stay cool
Everyone gets angry sometimes, but it's important to keep your feelings in check when you're at work, according to Mark Goulston, author of "Get Out of Your Own Way at Work" (Putnam, $24.95).

Courting success
You may not see them giving dramatic courtroom arguments before a judge and jury, but the work of paralegals is no less important to the stability of a legal case than that of a seasoned attorney.

Playground rules
On your resume, you proudly point to the line, "Works well with others." But do you? Not if you exhibit traits that make your more of a pariah than pal to your co-workers. Let's face it, not everyone gets along perfectly.

Ties that bind
Sue Bethanis, founder and CEO of Mariposa Leadership Inc., offers these three tips for developing networking skills and increasing influence...

Being a good Samaritan isn't bad for business
I've never owned a hotel before but in light of the potential for extreme disaster, specifically for the Juneau residents that reside in the avalanche runout zones, especially around Behrends Avenue...

We must see war on terror through
I'm having increasing difficulty in understanding the motives behind those who insist on analyzing every aspect of American foreign policy as it applies to Iraq, Afghanistan and the global war on terror, a.k.a. "Bush's War."

More should be eligible for Denali KidCare
Too many Alaska working families do not have health insurance. For those with children, coverage under Denali KidCare was reduced in 2002.

Salmon runs more important than mine
The Taku River is one of the most important watersheds in Southeast Alaska. It is often the largest salmon producer in the region with as many as two million salmon returning annually.

Read beyond Leviticus for rest of the story
Greg Fisk, in his March 28 letter, concluded that Mike Shakespeare must consider himself sinless because he's never sacrificed a ram per Leviticus 5.

Front-page photos reveal editors' bias
I am disappointed with the biased presentation of the front-page pictures in the Juneau Empire's April 1 issue. Was this farce supposed to be an April Fools' joke?

Photo: 'Outrageous' Easter bonnets
Nick Steele hoists his chocolate lab, Cookie, as they enter the Easter bonnet contest Sunday at Eaglecrest Ski Area.


Woman credits dog for saving her life during apartment fire
The fire may have taken her home and most of her belongings last week, but thanks to Coco, Jacqueline Cropley escaped with her life.

Around Town

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers:

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reports.

Photo: Going for a ride
Nick Corcoran, 15, enjoys the ride as Wes Bowman, 15, drives a lawnmower Saturday next to Glacier Highway.

Photo: Still digging out
Collin Seilbach, 16, a sophomore on the Juneau-Douglas High School soccer team, spends Saturday morning digging out one of the goals at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park. Most of the field was cleared during the week to get ready for next weekend's tournament.

Alaska Folk Festival to kick off with different venues
Musicians from all corners of the state and beyond are making their annual pilgrimage to Juneau this week, as the 33rd Alaska Folk Festival officially starts at 7 p.m. Monday at Centennial Hall.

Feeling the Pinch
Valuable donation: Tiana Burgess, training specialist for the Blood Bank of Alaska, left, starts to draw blood Friday from donor Todd Buck at the Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. building on Tonsgard Court.

Around Town

J. Scott Hodgson
Juneau resident J. Scott Hodgson died in the early morning on March 26, 2007, in Juneau following a quick fight with lung cancer. He was 56.

Iona Berggren
Juneau resident Iona Berggren died March 31, 2007, at the Juneau Pioneer Home.

Iona Berggren
Juneau resident Iona Berggren died March 31, 2007, at the Juneau Pioneer Home.

Alaska editorial: Senate does right by voters, restores rangers
A Senate budget subcommittee has decided to heed the voters and restore part of the cruise ship initiative the House stripped out.

Empire editorial: One-year window an opening for justice
It dims memories, erases evidence and brings the deaths of witnesses. It also used to trigger the statute of limitations, so that victims could no longer file criminal charges or civil suits against those who raped or abused them.

Toe Toe

Fine-tune the cruise initiative
Pundits and politicians have been defending the Ocean Ranger program enacted by Alaska voters in an initiative that assesses a $50 fee on each cruise ship passenger coming to Alaska. Four of the $50 pays for the Ocean Rangers.

My turn: Negatives of high herbivore density
Predator control programs are often desired by hunters in hopes of increasing densities of large herbivores, such as deer and moose.

Out & About
Out & About is a listing of recreational activities. To have your group included, notices should be dropped off at 3100 Channel Drive.

Beyond the Chugach: Arctic-to-Indian traverse is a spring pleasure
The Big Wild Life dwells in the wilderness one ridge back from Anchorage. Behind the protective parapets of the Front Range Chugach Mountains, the snows are white and pure, the sky a perfect blue, and the silence so otherworldly it touches the soul.

Managers say moose population too high
Even though hunters have harvested almost 2,000 antlerless moose in Game Management Unit 20A south of Fairbanks over the past three seasons, the population is still too high and state game managers say hunters will likely get another shot at putting a cow or calf moose in the freezer this fall.

Outdoors Digest
JHEF offers basic hunter education course April 20-21, Outdoor retailer G.I. Joe's to drop initials

Gearing up for the sport fishing season
Record snowfall in Southeast has laid on a few extra layers of preparation for sport fishermen getting ready to try their skill and luck this season.

Hooked on fly fishing
I've been practicing tying albright knots with dental floss.I've been checking out old editions of Fly Fisherman magazine from the library in the name of education.

OUTSIDERS: Jason "The Coach" Kaeser
Outsiders is a weekly profile in the Juneau Empire's Outdoors section.

Leave it to beavers; family life under sticks and ice
Some creatures spend the winter buried under snow, and they like it that way.Skiing across Cowee meadow last weekend, I noticed a few beaver-chewed sticks poking out of the snow.

Crimson Bears topple Kayhi
The Juneau-Douglas High School girls soccer team may not have practiced outside yet, but it didn't prevent the Crimson Bears from winning in Ketchikan.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

JDHS enjoys strong start to new season
After weeks of toiling indoors, the Juneau-Douglas High School boys soccer team performed well in its annual season-opening tournament in Spokane, Wash.


Glacier 10K and 1 mile race Results

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Pipeline may face legal challenges
State officials trying to bring a gas pipeline to Alaska say they are convinced they can protect it from most economic challenges.

Alaska Digest
Avalanches continue to slide near Juneau, Children find body in melting snow, Denali road opened to Savage River, Developer considers moving Eielson homes

Young may give back campaign donation
An aide for U.S. Rep. Don Young said the Alaska Republican might return about $20,000 in campaign contributions linked to a Wisconsin businessman who is under federal investigation.

Legislative roundup

66% of released felons return to jail, study shows
An Alaska Judicial Council study of almost 1,800 criminal offenders showed that two-thirds were back in jail within three years of their release.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation and the world

Federal official looks into state's transportation
The Lower 48 transportation industry could learn much from Alaska about how to better integrate its road, rail and port systems, said a federal safety administration executive.

Alaska Digest
Alaskan wins big money on game show, Native village applies for gambling license & Alaska-based troops go on the offensive

This Day in History
In Alaska, In the Nation, and In the World

Police arrest killer, partner in robbery
Police arrested a convicted killer out on parole and a woman believed to be his accomplice in what began as a minor shoplifting offense at a sporting goods store.

Senate deletes state wastewater effort
The Senate version of the state operating budget eliminates funding that would allow Alaska to take over federal control of wastewater discharge permitting in the state.

Sea ice forces otters inland
An unbudging sheath of sea ice has blocked off the waters where the Alaska Peninsula's sea otters forage, forcing the starving animals inland on a search for food and making them easy prey for wolves and humans.

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