Juneau transit center conditions questioned

Posted: Wednesday, April 09, 2008

JUNEAU - At Tuesday night's Juneau Planning Commission meeting, city Deputy Engineering Director Rorie Watt objected to conditions on a permit for a transit center proposed to be built along with a new parking garage at the corner of Main Street and Egan Street.

He said several of the conditions were outside the scope of the permit because they were design-related. He said the commission would have ample chance to review various parts of the project, but that it should stick to code when considering the permits.

Ben Lyman, the city planner who wrote the conditions in a staff report, said he'd included some design conditions because they affected the health and safety of the public, which is within the permit's scope.

Press deadline arrived during public testimony and before commissioners began their discussion of the project.

Commissioners approved the consent agenda without comment.

They approved a permit for a 12-horse stable on Curtis Avenue, a variance for a reduced setback on a North Douglas residential garage, and modification of a permit to add 80-foot lights and a public address system to the new high school's athletic field.

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