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Posted: Monday, April 10, 2000

I don't want to take anything away from gifted students but I'm tired of their outspoken parents costing my handicapped daughter the services she needs. Districts in the state are too busy listening to these parents whine about everything, rather than making sure my child has just the basics she is required to have under federal law.

Regarding the gifted kids, it's a good attempt by the Legislature to try to reduce the average intelligence of Alaskans.

I'm an employee of Kmart and would like to set the record straight. Kmart paid over $157 per junked car to have them removed from the parking lot and paid over $5,000 to have the cleanup done in the parking lot.

Jerry, I really liked you before the Mackie plan. Now, I love you like a brother.

As a lifelong Alaskan, I hope the Legislature gives the people of Alaska the opportunity to vote on the Mackie Plan in the fall.

Last night during a beautiful evening, some drivers with off-road vehicles were breaking the law and ripping up the trails and the quiet in the Dredge Lake area. If the forest service and state troopers are not able to police this area closely, I hope nearby residents will.

To the snowmachiners who were on the Treadwell Ditch this weekend, I picked up your quart of oil and your drive belts.

I recycle almost everything and have less than one full can of trash per month. But, the folks at the waste management company insist that I pay the same as somebody who generates over 12 cans per month. Their three-can-per-week minimum rate charge for trash pickup is ridiculous. It's time that people of Juneau stop getting penalized for being environmentally conscious.

Please don't listen to the caller who wants to get rid of Warren Wiley's column. He lived here a long time and is a local. I respect his opinion and I want to hear it as often as possible. The person who called in about getting rid of his column is obviously new to the area.

I agree with the caller who thinks we should get rid of Warren Wiley's column. I've been thinking that for years. He moved from here and should be writing about Montana.

Warren Wiley has not lived in Juneau for a long time now. It's time to find a local to write that column every week.

CBJ's property taxes are going up again. Anybody surprised? If they don't raise the mill rate, they raise the assessment to fund the services we don't need.

Does anyone know why there is a new clearcut along the beginning of the Boy Scout Camp trail?

I am appalled that 8 acres of trees were cut in two days at the Boy Scout Camp parking lot.

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