Proposing a medical and social disaster

Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Let me get this straight.

Because the Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee do not wish to allow poor women to receive state funds to obtain abortions, they would prefer to shut down the entire state Department of Health and Human Services.

Away with mental health services, alcoholism and drug abuse prevention and treatment programs, day care licensing, child and adult protection! We have a principle to protect which far supersedes the necessity of such frivolities.

Close down programs for developmentally disabled persons, public assistance and public health programs! How can immunizing children or preventing epidemics be more important than forcing women with unwanted pregnancies to carry their children to term?

Nor do we need genetic and newborn screening, detection of breast and cervical cancer, providing Medicaid or maintaining laboratories for the diagnosis of illness.

Closing off the funds for DHSS would surely affect only a few individuals in this state. Why, I doubt anyone reading this article will be affected in any way. And for those who might be, surely they are ready to sacrifice these and other programs in order to keep the poor from obtaining abortions.

Go for it, guys and ladies. If medical and social disaster must be the cost of religious and moral principle, it's worth the cost.

The Rev. Caroline M. Bruschi

St. Brendan's Episcopal Church

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