Business Profile: Kara Altman

Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Title and company: Kara Altman is sole proprietor of Kara's Cruise and Travel. "I love working at home," Altman said. "It's so much more relaxing than in an office." Kara's Cruise and Travel was founded a year ago, but she has been a travel agent since 1988.

Background: She previously worked as a travel agent with Southeast Executravel in Juneau. She also worked for US Travel-24 in Seattle, answering their emergency assistance line serving 950 agencies.

Destinations: "I have done it all over the years. I've been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, about six times, and I love to do reservations for there because I know where to eat and what to skip. I took the family to Disney World in Florida last year, so I feel comfortable with that as well."

Recommendations for travelers: "Patience" because of security added since Sept. 11. "If you are from Alaska, I don't recommend Florida or any hot place in summer months," Altman said. "Save the hot places for January, February and March vacations.

"I know a lot of people are scared to travel abroad right now, but Canada would be good in the summer time because it has weather similar to Juneau."

Cruises: To expand her knowledge of the field, Altman has been taking an online class in e-cruises. The class has trained her how to book cruises on the Internet, and that customers can print their own receipts from their own computers without waiting for hers to arrive in the mail.

"I am real big on cruises because you are not as ship-bound as you might think, and you know most of your costs up front," Altman said. "I like inclusive packages; they must make things easier for the traveler."

Family: Altman, a Juneau resident since 1995, is a life-long Southeast resident who was born in Ketchikan. She has a daughter, Kourtney, 16, and a son, Indigo, 5.

Contact information: Altman can be reached at 780-6549, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. She can also be e-mailed at "I love it when people contact me by e-mail because then I have it in writing and there are fewer misunderstandings. Someone may say 'the fifth' on the phone and I think it's April 5th. And then I find out they want to leave on July 5th."

She is affiliated with Cyndi Isaak of Cyndi's Cruise & Travel and Carrie Graham of Alaska Reliable Travel.

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